Driving so fast and oblivious that he/she never noticed the obvious marking of the end of the road

Driving so fast and oblivious that he/she never noticed the obvious marking of the end of the road

BUSTED! indeed, on more than one account: this was done by a drunk driver.

Luckily, no other persons or vehicles were involved.

Today’s pictures were taken by me and are being posted for the Thematic Photographic hosted by Carmi. Feel free to pop over to his place to get all of the official rules (or non-rules) and play along!



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Random & Odd

Strangest word search that landed 2 people on my blog over the weekend?
“men wearing toe nail polish”
I think they were disappointed!


11 responses to “BUSTED!

  1. dead man’s curve there, eh? man, I can’t imagine that accident was a pretty sight, even with the safety rails, and there’s car parts still lying around?????

  2. It seems that was quite an accident… I’ve seen a few near-misses of late.

  3. Gary, no curve at all! It’s a T-intersection. The little 2-lane county highway ends there, intersecting the business route section of the state highway (also 2-lane). Dude was just too spaced out to see the very obvious stop sign and didn’t notice his own headlights lighting up the shiny orange striped tri-board sign (see smaller photo… the DOT already put it back up).

  4. Scary! Drunk Drivers are the absolute worst.

  5. Good that no one else was involved! No ice or snow around, did s/he even try to hit the brakes?

  6. What will it take before people learn?!

  7. Yikes. I’m glad no others were involved.

    I wonder if this post brought the pink nail polish seekers back. 😉

  8. Why would someone want to look up men wearing nail polish? Some sort of fetish? EWWW!

  9. I shuddered more than a little bit when this first loaded. Few things scare me more than the thought of a drunk driver suddenly coming into my life. I almost got t-boned by a driver who blew through a red light this afternoon. I was still shaking 20 minutes later when I arrived at the kids’ school to pick them up.

    Glad this one ended OK – or mostly – for everyone involved.

    Aren’t understanding spouses just the best?


  10. Great reminder. We have a road like that near my parents home…the fence is constantly being replaced.