Snow bunny

Frozen Brass Bunny

This week’s theme is WINTER. I don’t feel like I’ve had enough winter weather because we haven’t had a single decent snowfall this year in Northern Virginia; instead, we get ice. I feel cheated out of winter.

I know, string the crazy woman up by her toenails for even having such a thought!

So I am mixing in some photos from last winter with this winter. The above picture was in one of my earliest posts.

Thematic Photographic is a weekly photo meme presented by Carmi.

7 responses to “Snow bunny

  1. Wow, I missed so much this week. Love the snowman below and your ice photos are lovely. This snow bunny is great, but I just can’t feel sympathy for you about the lack of winter down there.

  2. I hope you mix in the old and the new more often: this photo really made me think.

    I wish I could say the same about winter here in Ontario. If we get any more snow or cold, I suspect my wife will pack the moving van and drive it your way herself!

  3. You would definitely not like it where I live!

  4. did I hear you guys are gonna get a big snow storm??????

  5. Poor bunny!

    We are having more ice at this very moment. The radio just reported an 11 car pileup on one of the Interstates.

  6. Oh what have you done to bunny? I hope he got lots of carrots after that

  7. This is what we usually get in lieu of snow down here in Raleigh. There’s snow in the forecast for tonight, but I’ll believe it when I see it. All it’s done so far is rain. Cold, dark, rain.