So this is March


The wind blew down several March decorations from my covered front porch, and then the blowing snow added insult to injury.


Just in case I didn’t already have enough WINTER-themed photos, I’ve been given the opportunity to take more. Yes, it’s still snowing here! Find links to more WINTER photographs under the 38th Thematic Photographic (hosted by Carmi).


5 responses to “So this is March

  1. Blimey, it certainly is winter with you! No snow here in Mid Wales, we’ve got signs of spring.

  2. We had that a couple of days ago, we are supposed to be getting warmer, but it isn’t happening.

  3. isn’t it nice you love snow?

  4. Aw, that’s just sad. It’s as though winter is saying, “Take that!” to your attempts at welcoming Spring.

    Great photo!

    And congrats on your caption being chosen for Carmi’s “Caption This.”

  5. I know how you feel. In fact there is a poem ( drivel really) on my blog about snow.