Winter White and Mailboxes


The WWC assignment (given last Tuesday and due today) is for the words WHITE and MAILBOX (and/or MAILSLOT).

I’m double-dipping today for Tuesday’s Weekly Words Challenge (brought to you by the very talented Tink of Pickled Beef)

AND the ongoing Thematic Photographic hosted by Carmi. Carmi posts a new theme each Wednesday and we get the whole week to post as little or as many times as we wish. I’ve possibly probably gone overboard this week with theme #38: WINTER.


I am especially pleased with how well this first entry came together:


Gently cupped by limbs

Resting on the tree, frozen

Waterfall of white


A WHITE wagon wheel marks the entrance to a driveway




This MAILBOX up the street is much cuter, don’t you agree?


The snow on these fruit trees acts as WHITE highlights, catching my eye much in the same way Thomas Kinkade uses light highlights in his paintings.


I might be having a haiku week — sometimes you just can’t stop them when they start! Do you haiku?


15 responses to “Winter White and Mailboxes

  1. oh yay! Good thing you had snow to help with the assignment!

  2. It was pretty clever of Tink to anticipate that so many of us would get snow several days after she decided one of the words would be “white.”

    That first pic is beautiful!

  3. I don’t think it’s possible to “overdo” Thematic Photographic. If you’ve got the material, go for it! And the “Winter” theme lends itself so naturally to multiple entries you almost can’t help but have an abundance. Of all seasons, winter is probably the easiest to identify in a photo. Fall is probably next.

    Nice work!

  4. Beautiful photographs.

  5. Wonderful pictures buit that’s not really winter. That’s snow dusting.
    I never haiku I just write poetic drivel now and then.

  6. Lovely photos. I like the free standing mailboxes and your skiff of snow on the tree.

  7. I Love Haiku… I have done them on occasion.

    Lovely white. Everyone has had a bit of snow, which helped the last WWC huh? That’s odd… but I’m glad, I didn’t have to struggle except for mailboxes. For some reason they gave me trouble.

    Great photos this week!!! Can’t wait for Haiku

  8. Well done as usual. Did you get a lot of snow the other day?

  9. Haiku? Sure. Let’s do it!

    Lovely photos. I love white, especially flowers. Love them.

  10. HAIKU – that horrid sound
    When the cat hunches over
    And fur ball appear.

  11. My head hurts too much right now to contemplate haiku–but reading yours is lovely.

  12. Those are all lovely. I really like that house-mailbox. It reminds me of ours, which Hoop hates so much. Lol.

  13. I like that last one best…looks like sparkles on the tree!

  14. I love all the white photos – especially the wheel and the tree branches with snow. Also, your haikus are fun. Back in December, I did 30 of them – each one an “affirmation” using a particular word associated with each of 30 people – for a class project. I printed each set of 30 onto business cards, hooked them together, and gave one to each of my class mates. It was fun, but for a while there I was doing haikus in my sleep!

  15. I don’t really go for “cute” in mailboxes, so I’d have to say your mailbox is better. Extra points for getting both words in one photo!