Flying by the seat of my pants


Friday night at home

No responsibilities

‘Cuz that’s how we roll


I promised a week of haiku, so I had to come up with a quick one tonight — there are only 2 hours of Friday left. As usual, we are all lounging about tonight. After a long week of work and school, everyone just wants some down time. I don’t cook dinner — we declared it “find dining” long ago.

The unusual is that I spent the entire school day asleep on the sofa. I am lucky that there was nothing on the calendar for today, since I was OUT. I was shocked to wake up a few minutes before SnakeMaster’s bus delivered him at the end of the driveway. Yes, I changed out of my pajamas at 3pm.

I had a sleep study a few weeks ago. They didn’t wire up my legs and feet for RLS (I suspect that I have it, but the referral was from the ENT, not my regular doc) but they did surprise me by saying I had shown apnea during the night. I go back again in 4 weeks time for an additional sleep study, with more wires. I’ll try to remember my camera, because I looked peculiar with all of those wires attached to my head.

7 responses to “Flying by the seat of my pants

  1. Sounds like the best kind of night to me! No responsibilities

  2. I love “find dining” My Mom would SO do the same if she had thought of it.

    Also know what you mean on those sleep studies … doctor wanted me to have an overnight one, till I read they wake you as soon as you start snoring. *Obviously* they have NO idea how I am when someone wakes me up — “bitch” doesn’t even begin to describe it 🙂

  3. well…I hope you are able to do some happier more restful sleeping soon.

  4. holy cats, I’m glad you had a good snooze!

  5. Wish I could sleep during the day like that! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day.

    Your randomly selected letter is L
    Have fun with it!

  6. Sleep problems are the worst–nothing else seems right when you aren’t well rested.

    We usually do pizza night on Fridays–I’m with you on the no cooking.

  7. I hope you’re getting some more good snoozing in and feel rested.