Signs of Spring, and Thematic Photographic #39: “Transparent”



SnakeMaster’s head is NOT transparent, but the fact that he moved into the photograph I was taking does help to point out the transparent qualities of the creek water.

Thematic Photographic is hosted by Carmi. __________________________________________________

Despite Monday’s snowstorm and a low of 8 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday, there are many signs of Spring popping up around me.


Much too beautiful

This Saturday we’re living

Outside come and play

Onion Grass always shows up first!

Onion Grass always shows up first!

When the grass grows long enough for a first mowing, the air will be tangy-sweet with the smell of fresh-cut onion grass. If you manage to pull it up, you can see the itty-bitty onion bulbs.


In today’s 75 degree weather, everything is reaching for the warmth of the sunny skies.

12 responses to “Signs of Spring, and Thematic Photographic #39: “Transparent”

  1. We had the same kind of shift. Monday night/Tuesday morning 15 degrees and today 70-something.

    Weird, na?

    Cool photos!

  2. I’m going to have to start popping in just because. Cuz’ blogger doesn’t always show everyone’s current update! Hmpft!

    Great pics! We just threw some grass today to start our yard (a year later; baby steps). 😉

    So, we are looking mighty green today!

  3. SEVENTY FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KC……

  4. I love that he moved into the frame as you were shooting. It reinforces that there must have been something fascinating going on in the water.

    It’s still too cold for any signs of growth here in the Great White North. But it’s been raining a Noah’s Ark-class flood all day, and now it’s thundering and lightning, so I suspect the sprouts should be here soon. You’ve captured yours beautifully!

  5. It was very odd to see the tulips poking up through the snow in Seattle today. I don’t even remember what 75 degrees feels like.

  6. Jealous of those spring signs…it’s still snowy here 😦

  7. Snuff. It is snowing again outside my window.

  8. omg how AMAZING was it this wkd?? i was in williamsburg sunday, and we picknicked outside and i got SUNBURNED. this means i had enough skin exposed for long enough to get BURNED! that’s fantastic! 😉

  9. Oh, I miss seeing green outside. I didn’t spot my first crocus until March 26 last year. 😦

  10. Will you adopt me so I can live somewhere warm? I am so tired of winter this year, we just had a blizzard and about a foot of snow a few days ago and still are in the deep freeze.

    Love the photos.

  11. Love it when Spring starts to reveal herself! Love the extra hour of daylight too!

  12. Yay! I would just die if I had to go through the kind of winter many of my fellow Americans have experienced!

    Thank you so much for your comment today. I will see you soon…