WWC #75: 9 and Desire

Yes, these are really supposed to be posted on Tuesday. I’m late. I kept taking new pictures and being unhappy with the material I ended up with. I finally cheated got inspired by others’ posts and headed to my archives.


9 candles on a birthday cake




I had a bit of trouble coming up with a photo for DESIRE. And then I got an idea from a couple of other posters who used a photograph of a place they desired to visit again. Perfect! This picture was taken from the North Head lighthouse at Cape Disappointment on the Washington State coastline. In the distance you can see Long Beach, WA. I’ve been feeling a bit homesick lately.

wwc-signThe Weekly Words Challenge is brought to us each week by the very talented Tink of Pickled Beef.

Next week’s words are DIAMOND and “1“.

10 responses to “WWC #75: 9 and Desire

  1. that is a gorgeous picture, we were out in Manchester Washington this past summer and the only place we didn’t get to was the pacific. we did get engaged however and are planning to return for our honeymoon!!

  2. Oh man, KC, I love that cake, what a lucky boy!!!!!!!!!!! It is so much fun!
    I have never seen such a pretty ocean shot. I sure as heck desire that too!!!!

  3. The cake is brilliant. Just briliant.

  4. That is a great cake and the ocean shot is wonderful. It has been too long since I have been to the ocean.

  5. i do love that cake, it’s fantastic 🙂

    i’ve only seen the pacific from CA.. i’m dying to get up to the pacific northwest

  6. I love that cupcake snake! And the view- *SIGH*

  7. Not familiar with this challenge. no no no no I do not need another one!

    But looks like you did a clever take on it, so I’ll just enjoy yours.

  8. The birthday cake looks yummy! 😀

  9. Well done, KC. Sorry you’re feeling homesick though I can sure see why. That’s such a lovely scene.

  10. Nice snake cake. Snakes are our friends.