Daily Archives: March 14, 2009

Lalalalalala – “L”

I signed up with The Bag Lady to be issued a random letter. Apparently, it’s the meme making its way about the blogworld and now I get to write about 10 things I love that start with the letter “L”…

  1. Linky Love Aside from reading comments, linky love is the way I’ve gotten to meet other bloggers. To paraphrase what was once said to Kevin Costner, “If you link it, they will visit. “
  2. Laughter It really is the best medicine 😛 A marriage without laughter would be dull indeed! I suspect it would also be difficult. My husband often makes me laugh.
  3. Leftovers Not my favorite as a kid, but as a mom (and the chief cook and bottle washer)? I luuuuurvve leftovers! They are a “must” for Friday suppers, aka, “find dining.”
  4. Lovies (pronounced “Love-ease”) Those wonderful, magic bits of cloth that our babies become attached to –in my home it was always the cloth diaper masquerading as a burp cloth. Since I had 5 dozen of them, there were always a few extras available. I like to think this was a brilliant tactic, especially when I observed other parents dragging around a ratty blanket. My kids held onto a cloth diaper instead. (Ummm… that wouldn’t be ghetto or anything, would it?)
  5. Library Where else can you browse through books and read them for free? Oh, I know some people manage to accomplish this at Barnes & Noble, with a Starbucks in hand, but I come from some frugal stock and the Library is where it’s at! Books on CD for traveling in the car, DVDs to watch on the weekends, and BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS!!!
  6. Life Yes, life! I love life. Sometimes it is messy and miserable, sometimes it is painful, and hopefully you at least occasionally find it joyful — but what an incredible gift we have been given: Life!
  7. Literacy This really goes with #5 above. Can you imagine not being able to read? When I volunteered in the Kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms, my favorite thing to do was one-on-one reading with the kids. At first, the teacher would give me the kids who needed extra help, but what we all discovered is that each child loved those 5-10 minutes because it made him or her feel so very special — an adult, someone else’s mom, was listening to the student read! I enjoyed finding something positive to say to each kid about his or her reading skills. Beaming smiles were my reward.
  8. Laundry Okay, you can think I’m nuts, but there ARE things I love about laundry. I love the organized, sorted stacks that are created when I provide my family with clean clothes to wear. I love the fresh smell of the sheets after they have dried on the clothesline. And I *do* appreciate being able to provide my family with those clean clothes and sheets. Also, I love my automatic washer & dryer. Can you imagine doing laundry the old-fashioned way? It wasn’t so long ago that women used a washboard.
  9. Levi’s ….well, Jeans anyway… I’m not that picky. I am not a dress-up kind of person; I’m a jeans girl.
  10. Leinenkugel’s My brother kindly keeps me supplied with Leinies whenever he visits (or I visit him). The pride of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, makes some pretty tasty craft beers.

If anyone wants to play, let me know and I’ll assign you a letter (chosen randomly, of course!) — the linky love comes free!