Take a hike!

Last month, SuperDad chose a hike for our Valentines Day date.

SnakeMaster joyfully accompanied us.



I love the shadows created by these saplings


and the rich layers of green lichen on these rocks.


I know I annoyed SuperDad with my constant halting on the trail to take photos, but at least there were worthwhile places for him to stop and gaze around.


Water finds routes to trickle down the mountainside


This log nourishes fungus


A lone leaf clings to a tree


My camera was fascinated by the colors in the rocks.

My boots stopped here

My boots stopped here


Like father, like son



All in all, it was a lovely date with terrific views


And I know SnakeMaster wants to go back soon!

13 responses to “Take a hike!

  1. I annoy people with my stopping for photos also!

  2. if that isn’t the prettiest place on earth! I’d climb that cliff too boys!!!!!

  3. When I was young we did things like that.
    Great pictures. Glad your boots stopped in the right place.

  4. Gorgeous photos of the rocks and water trickling through them! Thanks for letting me climb, too!

  5. I knew there was some advatnage to being alone… No one to kvetch when I want to stop and take pictures…

  6. I hope you didn’t run into any zombies out there.

  7. what a fun date idea!! and gorgeous pics.

    i always annoy ppl with the stopping for photos too… it’s one reason i like traveling solo 🙂

  8. Wow. You are way more adventurous than me. Great photos!!

  9. OMG on climbing the rocks! (And just beautiful countryside — can I look from a hotel room?)


  10. I love the Appalachians. Haven’t been in more than 20 years, but I still love it.

  11. So cool. We don’t have anything like that around us. In Florida it’s all flat lands and scraggly trees. Even the wildlife is uninspiring. 🙂

  12. How fun! I love a good hike!

  13. the major's wife

    thanks for stopping by, I’m jealous of all the space and peace of where you live. I will move to the same base as Heidi this summer, funny how real life and blog life collide in the military world!!