WWC #76: 1 Diamond

symbol of permanent commitment

symbol of permanent commitment

My ring started out with just 1 diamond on a slim engagement band. Then we added a wedding band. And about 10 years later, my husband gifted me with the wrap.


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11 responses to “WWC #76: 1 Diamond

  1. Very nice–and nice that he keeps thinking about you.

  2. Extra points for getting both words into one photo.

    Tell your husband to knock it off. He’s setting the bar too high for the rest of us chumps.

  3. awww! i did the same thing…great minds think alike!

  4. So pretty. I always love to see other people’s wedding sets. The styles have changed throught the years, but every single one is beautiful in its own way.

  5. LOVELY. I like all the additions and changes to you ring. It’s symbolic of your growing/changing life together.

  6. Well done! Lovely set too btw! Sapphires are my favourite stones.

  7. I agree lovely ring! and One for one pic? 🙂

    Also big kudos for the incorporation of both words into one photo indeed! I do that from time-to-time.

    Better quality than quantity, and I feel like neither for me lately. I am up now… Thanks for reminding me. I am having such a tiresome week… but I shall prevail!

  8. Oh! That’s lovely!

  9. That’s a beautiful ring.

  10. what a lovely set 🙂