Slowly Springtime, and a peek at the kitchen

The weather has been a bit of a tease this year.  We had a really warm weekend a couple of weeks ago, and the bulbed flowers poked up through the dirt.  Then the weather turned cold and heartless once again, and everything just kind of … stopped.  We’ve been lucky to climb into the upper 40’s.  Until today.  Today we are supposed to reach the upper 60’s or maybe even 70 F. 

But this is what I could find in my yard yesterday for my Northerner friends (you all know who you are).
Truly, Springtime is coming!


This sedum lines my walk, from the driveway up to the front flower beds.  In another week or two I’ll start snapping off the old growth from last year, but for now I let it protect the new growth.  By September it will be looking long and scraggly and making me think I need to rip it all out… but in March and April it is oh-so-pretty and green.

the lone crocus

the lone crocus


We have a lot of daffodils, but they won’t be in full bloom for a while yet.  In fact, almost all of them look like the photograph above.
Except for this one bunch hidden below a scrubby tree (I suppose it was sheltered from the last light freeze)  — it has 2 blooms trying their darndest to open, and one bloom that has succeeded:



Tree blossoms on this tree are closed up tightly, waiting for just the right moment to open.


But these tiny red blooms and leaves are the first to open (I might crop this into my header – what do you think?)


And this overgrown shrub has begun to open its leaves.


Need more green?  This was our St. Patrick’s Day supper:


Potato Soup, various greens, homemade bread, and pork chops.  Yes, the milk was green.  And yes, that is SuperDad’s Guinness. 



Thematic Photographic is hosted by Carmi. Carmi posts a new theme each Wednesday and we get the whole week to post as little or as many times as we wish. This week’s theme has been KITCHEN…. and this will be my one and only lame submission. 

Kitchen Wallpaper, before last summer

Kitchen Wallpaper, before last summer

SWEET!!  my kitchen wall

SWEET!! my kitchen wall after the wallpaper was laboriously removed and primer & paint applied. I am so happy when I look at my pretty walls now!

I don’t have any current photos to post, because that would mean I had actually deep-cleaned my kitchen.   Instead, I’ve spent the past 2 weeks fighting  an illness [cough, hack, cough] continues to hang on.   I’m S-L-O-W-L-Y improving, but as I posted on facebook (a.k.a., the biggest timesuck  on the internet), I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.


21 responses to “Slowly Springtime, and a peek at the kitchen

  1. Great photos. I’m envious of your spring weather. It’s finally warming here, some but we’re far from buds and blooms.

    I hope you’re on the mend and feel much better .. like NOW!

  2. You have a DAFFOLDIL!!!!! That is so exciting…that means in a few weeks..I’ll have daffodils too. And blast and bother..Super Dad’s Guiness reminded me that I had one in the fridge and FORGOT to drink it. Is that the saddest St Patrick’s Day story ever or what?

    P.S. Love the Polish Pottery. Spied it on your table there. I have a bunch too.

  3. Holy cats mary Alice, you are so totally wrongo! I MADE THAT POTTERY!
    Me and Super dad have a lot in common there, eh? A nice hefty pint of healthful Guinness!
    And I like your kitchen color scheme too!

  4. Gary, you made the plates, but I think Mary Alice saw my bread dish: it IS Polish Pottery. I had a lasagna dish, too, but it cracked in half in the oven. I cried. I think all military wives have at least one piece of Polish Pottery.

    So, you are BOTH right!

  5. I am SO jealous of your daffodils and other signs of spring! It is supposed to warm up here today to around the freezing mark.
    Won’t be any signs of spring for awhile yet, I’m sad to say!

  6. Aaack – I can’t reply to your comments directly! E-mail me or leave your e-mail in my comments…

  7. Your flowers look lovely. I’m always so excited when the Spring friends arrive! I’m loving the extra hour of daylight!

  8. You have a flower. Our’s are just peeking through the dirt. But if this warm weather holds we might have something by Saturday.
    Impressive change in the kitchen wall.
    Green milk?

  9. Soil! Green stuff! Daffodils!
    I was excited over some bare paving today!

  10. You had a really “green” feast there – Green milk?! Wow! I fixed the hubby corned beef and cabbage and homemade Irish soda bread yesterday. The leftovers will be transforemd into corned beef hash tonight. YUM!

  11. We have the beginnings of some tulips poking through the mulch in the south-facing flowerbed and swelling buds on the apple trees, but that’s it so far. I can’t wait for the colour to return. 🙂

  12. Oh, god, I love your spring flower photos. So bravely emerging in the cold! I love it!

  13. Great photos — believe it or not, was about 78 here. I did notice the hydrangeas are coming back out — yeah. And I did wash all the windows downstairs today (got the homeowner association meeting here tomorrow, which was my impetus to work through this cold/flu)

    But *please* say it’s not gonna last 2 weeks!

  14. Our crocus and daffodils have bloomed, too….but the deer keep eating them. We usually have a lot of tulips, but the deer ate those, too. 😦

  15. Looking at that first shot I thought you were growing artichokes!. Most of the botanical stuff is Greek to me (the horticulturally challenged one) but I can recognize pretty at a glance.

    And you just made it under the wire for the “Kitchen” theme! The new one is up now (“Drink”) which has proven surprisingly challenging for me. Getting related shots is no big deal… getting good related shots is another matter.

    Glad you’re feeling better. Being sick sucks.

  16. I love that “prayer” mode your son is in. LOL. Though the green milk scares me. 🙂

  17. I LOVE daffodils. They’re so happy.

  18. Thank goodness we have evergreens in plenty around here. We won’t see flowers for at least 4 weeks.

  19. I love your “after” kitchen pic–so perfect for such a patriotic family.

  20. omg, green milk!! so wrong!!! 🙂 but a guinness… so right 😉

    those kitchen walls are a GREAT improvement!!

  21. Oooh look at everything blossoming!!! This is the only thing I’ve seen in my yard and I noticed it last weekend:

    Those pork chops look yummy!!!