Lookie what I’ve got!!

just what the doctor ordered!

just what the doctor ordered!

(maybe it’s not bronchitis)
plus an inhaler


11 responses to “Lookie what I’ve got!!

  1. I just picked up my new stash of Spiriva (to combat a mild case of COL…) and just knowing I have the stuff at home makes me breathe easier.

  2. HOLY CATS! KC, now you’ll get better….

  3. I hope you’re on the mend real soon.

  4. Well, the Advair has done wonders for my asthma! It got me off of one of the other drugs I was using and I haven’t used my rescue inhaler in I don’t know how long!

    Feel better soon KC!

  5. Jeez, take care of yourself, KC.

  6. Clever haiku! Hope you feel better soon.

  7. I hope they work for you.

  8. Exciting times at your house!!

  9. You gave me this stupid cold — now Day 8!