WWC #77: Black and Natural World, and a little bit of drink (Thematic Photographic #41)

Once again, I am blending 2 different photography assignments. Call it lame or call it talent — what matters to me is that I completed both assignments!


The Weekly Words Challenge is brought to us each week by the naturally beautiful Tink of Pickled Beef.


Beauty in the Natural World (2 hours south of me…our buds haven’t opened yet)


Black coffee being poured into cream = a little taste of heaven at 5am
It’s intriguing to me that black coffee looks like liquid amber while being poured into a cup.


I’m still drinking this regularly. (note the black flecks in the countertop)

a peek into my fridge

a peek into my fridge

Today’s drink options*: ReaLemon juice [a few drops are pleasing in a glass of water or a whiskey sour], orange juice concentrate (because apparently? I am the only one capable of mixing it into a pitcher!), Crystal Light lemonade, milk, and my own personal bottles of “lemonade-flavored water.”
I mix up a package of Crystal Light lemonade and pour a few ounces into an empty water bottle, then fill the rest with tap water.

*Selective vision options: If you are one of my children, you would open this door and see only a jug of milk and a pitcher of lemonade.

Drink is this past week’s theme with Thematic Photographic, hosted by Carmi at Written, Inc.

16 responses to “WWC #77: Black and Natural World, and a little bit of drink (Thematic Photographic #41)

  1. Great photos. That coffee looks devine.

    I am glad you clarified that it was lemonade because I was having flash backs to when I had to do a 48 hour urnie test….I had a container of stuff in my fridge that looked at lot like that lemonade. LOL 😉

  2. Those buds are beautiful.

  3. hey, it is TIME for you to feel better and I hope you get there soon 🙂
    TRES BRILLIANT with the black coffee, eh?

  4. OMG! we have the same beverage contents in our fridges…and yes i too am the only one who can make concentrate into juice! nice to know i am not the only one.

  5. Ummmm coffee…at 5 am ….I love coffee at 5 am …really that is the only thing I love at 5 am.

  6. I am so jealous that you have buds let alone flowers two hours south of you! Beautiful shots!

  7. The cough medicine picture qualifies the set for Ruby Tuesday as well.

  8. Nicely done.. now I’m thirsty!

  9. Black coffee! *Slaps forehead* I didn’t even think of that. I love those flowers. What kind of tree is that? I think I saw some like that in TN, but no one could answer me.

  10. Very nice pictures this week!! Mmmm Coffee! I especially like the flowers.

  11. The flowers are beautiful! Great picture of the coffee being poured! Lemonade, or maybe lemon gin?

  12. Great pictures. I haven’t had orange juice form concentrate in forever!

  13. I am drinking coffee with creamer as I write this. Yummmm..

    And the flowers are beatiful!

  14. I vote for the wiskey sour. Feel better.

  15. I feel your pain. Not only can’t my children mix juice from concentrate, they will return the empty pitcher to the refrigerator.

  16. Where in the world did my original comment go?? I know I made one because I remember talking about coffee… Yum, but the robitussin ick!!!

    Great shots!