Daily Archives: March 31, 2009

WWC #78: “N” / Orange

Today’s word is LAME. I had these incredible ideas… but that is where it ended. Just ideas. No action. Like I said, LAME.

Anyhoo. I can’t bear to NOT post for the WWC, so here are my archival entries for this week:


“N” is for Nighttime photo of a lakefront fountain


ORANGE October leaves

You wanna know what I planned on shooting? Naval Oranges. But hey, that would involve going to the store. With a camera. Like I said, I’m feeling shamefully LAME, because? Really! That shouldn’t be so very hard to accomplish.
But hey! I have my 2nd sleep study scheduled for Friday night and maybe they will give me a tool to allow me a decent night’s sleep and pump me full of ENERGY!! Wouldn’t that be exciting? I think so.


So, go visit Tink at Pickled Beef — our fearless leader of the Weekly Words Challenge. You’ll find plenty of beautiful pictures on her blog, plus links to even more photos in her WWC comment section.