What to see in NYC

We’re spending a few days in NYC next week. If YOU were traveling as a family with 2 adults and 4 boys (ages 9, 13, 16, and 17), what would you want to see?   (SuperDad & I will plan our own little visit another time.)

I’m thinking the NY Stock Exchange would be a good (but boring) experience…

That ought to start some conversation!!  lol

PS: Try to keep it low-budget.  We’re talking 6 people here!

21 responses to “What to see in NYC

  1. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island!

  2. Mmm… I really don’t know, but I know the perfect one to ask. Daryl at On the M104 is an expert on the place and could probably point out a few low budget attractions suitable for the clan.

  3. The Met.. though the younger ones might not agree. And I’d love to see Daryl.

  4. near Liberty and Ellis Island and Wall St is South St seaport and museum, coolio:
    plus with your family? you gotta go to the Natural History Museum

  5. I think Ground Zero has amazing impact. I’m not sure how much rebuilding has been done, but when I was last there the fire station on the corner that had lost so many people received a call and as that truck came out there was not a dry eye on the street.

  6. The photo on my blog was shot in Columbus Circle which you must go see .. and then wander into Central Park .. walk down to Fifth Avenue and then walk downtown to Rockefeller Center … a lot of walking but its all free and fun if the sun is out!

  7. The zoo and the Empire State Building of course! Yeah, I have no imagination 😉

  8. 5th avenue, incl fao schwartz!

    down @ the south street seaport there’s a TKTS booth that sells 1/2 price tickets for same-day shows. (there’s one in times square, too, but the line is always atrocious.) if you’re down there anyway, it’s worth seeing if there’s anything good / cheap – corner of Front and John Streets, near the rear of the Resnick/ Prudential Building at 199 Water Street.

    chinatown and little italy are both fun neighborhoods to walk around in.

    and you HAVE to do the empire state building if it’s their first time. it’s a law 🙂

  9. We tried to go to NYC last summer but couldn’t find a hotel that would let all 5 of us stay in one room. The boys are too small to be in a room by themselves. Let us know where you guys are staying and how the trip goes!

    BTW, my boys were looking forward to visiting the Nintendo store in Time Square.

  10. You could also check in with Gary and check out the pets and the purple house! 🙂 And, the stocked pottery shelves!

    Then, see if Knight is performing and catch a show (that might cast extra pennies though).

  11. I have always wanted to see the Statue of Liberty, 30 Rock, and the Empire State Building.

  12. Dinner comments .. well lets see … up in my neck of the woods there are many relatively speaking inexpensive places to eat .

    EJ Luncheonette serves breakfast/lunch/dinner and its fun and kid friendly

    Calle Ocho is big open friendly and can handle large groups .. food is Latin fusion and moderately priced

    Artie’s is a modern version of an old fashioned NY deli

    All these are online .. check them out

  13. ESPN zone in times square…its almost like a boys paradise! plus its close to m & m world which is more like a hormonal womens paradise…

  14. By all means the statue of liberty. Perhaps you could get tickets to a TV show.

  15. I would want to see NYC. 😉

    We haven’t been there.

  16. Ack.

    Wasn’t finished. Sorry.

    Wanted to say:

    Have fun! Take pictures. And blog it!

  17. The Intrepid sea-air-space Museum is a huge ship in NYC. Fun for boys! http://www.intrepidmuseum.org/
    Ground zero museum OR ‘free’ St Paul’s chapel beside ground zero w/ memrobelia; http://www.saintpaulschapel.org/in_depth/
    Time square – could eat at Macy’s cafe (good prices)- memrobelia from years of Thanksgiving parades, or John pizzaria of 34th I think.. have a fun time!

  18. OH! I forgot to say… check out places before you go to make sure they are not a ‘cash only’ foody place.
    have a great time!

  19. ohhh haha we loved taking our family on a carriage ride through Central park! They tell about the area during the ride. Also Grand Central Station is worth going to, and visitors staying in NYC can get the ‘Big Apple Greeters’ tour for FREE! http://travelwithkids.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?zi=1/XJ&sdn=travelwithkids&cdn=travel&tm=10&gps=214_117_1020_622&f=10&su=p284.9.336.ip_p531.50.336.ip_&tt=2&bt=0&bts=0&zu=http%3A//www.bigapplegreeter.org/

  20. oh yeah, a free way to see the Statue of Liberty is to take the free Staten Island Ferry – it goes right by the Statue & has great views of the city – just get back on and go back to the city from Staten Island.

  21. The nyc public library (famous lion statues at entrance) is ‘museum-like’ & has revolving galleries, and a historic reading room with grand chandeliers. location is 42nd off 5th Ave.