Rainy Reflection

Inspired a little bit by Mojo, I took this picture of water, glass, and mirror for Carmi‘s Thematic Photographic challenge #43 REFLECTIVE:


4 responses to “Rainy Reflection

  1. I love that the car across the street is the same color as your car. Very monochrome and moody.

  2. Lovely photo. Jenn is right, very moody.

  3. Very nicely done. I love rain, and you’ve captured it well.

  4. Really like this one. Love all the layers. Great shot for Carmi’s Reflective Challenge.

    I played along too albeit a bit too late. I like my photo so I decided to post it anyway.

    And if you have a chance could you please stop by Sweetanlo’s Reflective Post

    She has an amazing reflective photo posted and is afraid that no one will see it since she posted so late.

    It really is a great photo and ok I’m biased but it really is. 😉