Weekly Words Challenge #79 & #80


Last week was spring break so I’ve got 2 week’s worth of WWC enetries for you. The words due last week were SPRING and OPENING; this week’s words are “P” and FAVORITE MOVIE (pictures that remind me of said movie).


The kids never found this Purple Easter Egg hidden behind the bunny’s head.


Pink creeping Phlox is a sure sign of SPRING 🙂


The hedgehog with a Pink flower is helping her buddy Protect this red Easter Egg.


These buds will soon be OPENING


These daffodils let me know that SPRING is finally here!


Here we see a Purple Easter Egg hidden on the branch of a tree full of leaves that are in the Process of OPENING up to the SPRING sunshine. I possibly just set a record for the number of prepositional phrases in one sentence. Sorry about that!


A Perfectly beautiful SPRING day bursting with blossoms, OPENING leaves, and Easter Joy 😀

And finally… while I’d love to offer you a Photograph of Gerard Butler or the marquee of a Broadway Showing, all I have is this:

Here are 2 of the Piano books currently out on top of the keyboard, including “Phantom of the Opera. ” Even my kids love that movie — they brought it along on our trip to Pennsylvania and watched it in the car. I’ve seen it so many times that I have the scenes memorized. I’m Perfectly happy driving and listening to the soundtrack.


Click the link for more information on the Weekly Words Challenge, which can be found Pretty much each and every Tuesday over at Tink’s. However, she is off on vacation so Jay is hosting this week.
Thanks, Jay! 😀

16 responses to “Weekly Words Challenge #79 & #80

  1. Perfectly done.. right down to your Prepositional Phrases! 🙂

  2. Oooh! I totally miss Easter egg hunts. Those were some good times. My nephew was still a bit young to totally get the concept this year. Though next year he will be rocking the egg hunt.

    Glad your trip was fun and Easter was lovely. Great pics.

  3. Pretty Pictures! And spring is so much further along there than here! Thanks for sharing – it’s going to be at least a month before we catch up. Sigh.

  4. The blossoms are amazing.

  5. You did a great job of incorporating two weeks worth of pics! Lots of great stuff.

    I saw the road company of Phantom in Tulsa many years ago. It was awesome. The move? Meh, it was okay. 😉

  6. You rock girl! Two weeks worth beautifully done! Of course, you reminded me of more movies I could have added 😉

  7. The weather certainly is springish where you’re at! I”m jealous! Phenomenal photos!

  8. I’m like that with LOTR 🙂

    Lovely spring photos! Nothing like that here yet 😦

  9. Practically perfect in their picturesqueness.

    And I didn’t see any of the snakes or I would have certainly photographed them. Probably the wrong time of year — it was early December and they were probably hibernating. Or at least very inactive.

  10. Loved the Easter eggs, and I can inform you that my Mom made me an Easter basket up until I was about 24. 🙂 (We blew off the hunting of the eggs, after way too many ended up being found 6 weeks later) 🙂

  11. your trees are flowering??? that is SO unfair…

  12. Nice work getting that egg balanced just right on the branch.

  13. Dem is bery nice pikturez. I be backz ro-mor-row to seez Cleopatra pikturez. OK?

  14. Beautiful!!! I’m so sorry I’m late, I’ve had a mad couple days at work… here I am.

    Spring colors are so fab!

  15. I had to come back. I forgot to check your entries for the WWC I’d missed. I love the egg in the tree. Very clever (or cruel, depending on the height of the kid). Hehe.