Not the Easter Bunny


Look who joined the kids for the Easter Egg hunt!


10 responses to “Not the Easter Bunny

  1. Oh! Dem iz bery nice pikturez ob Cleopatra. I copiez dem to putz wiff my pikturez ob my kitty kat friendz. OK?

  2. An Easter cat?? Why not! Much more interesting than a bunny 😉

  3. She is such a beauty, esp. with her purple collar!

  4. The great hunter on the prowl!

  5. Nah, she lets her minions do the work…

  6. Lovely photos!

  7. In the first photo I thought it was ground hog. LOL. Much cuter than a ground hog though.

  8. Easter kitty! So a-mew-sing. 😉

  9. oooh, she’s lovely. I’m such a cat lady!