Daily Archives: April 16, 2009


marching-vikings-t-shirt-september-2008Last August, our high school marching band received their new T-shirts for the school year. On the back is a list of dates they will be playing and where, which I find incredibly helpful. I’ve taken a picture each fall so I can just check my computer if I have a question.

Yeah, I’m a little bit of a geek that way — I also take a picture of the map at the zoo. Digital cameras rock!

The design theme always corresponds with the set of music they play at half-time shows and competitions throughout the fall marching season. I think we all spent the autumn months singing songs in our heads from “West Side Story.”


What the T-shirt doesn’t include is the annual Spring Trip, which isn’t decided upon until after the school year is underway. But guess where Music Man is right now? 😀