marching-vikings-t-shirt-september-2008Last August, our high school marching band received their new T-shirts for the school year. On the back is a list of dates they will be playing and where, which I find incredibly helpful. I’ve taken a picture each fall so I can just check my computer if I have a question.

Yeah, I’m a little bit of a geek that way — I also take a picture of the map at the zoo. Digital cameras rock!

The design theme always corresponds with the set of music they play at half-time shows and competitions throughout the fall marching season. I think we all spent the autumn months singing songs in our heads from “West Side Story.”


What the T-shirt doesn’t include is the annual Spring Trip, which isn’t decided upon until after the school year is underway. But guess where Music Man is right now? 😀

11 responses to ““Cool”

  1. I’m guessing NYC. Lady Liberty is a good clue. 😉

  2. Lucky guy!

  3. Yes. Digital cameras DO ROCK, and so do you!

  4. What a fabulous idea about the shirt. Yes, digital is the way to go 😉 I’m thinking NYC – did I win?

  5. My son is on his band’s spring trip right now, too.

  6. At least one of you made it this spring! I hope he has a great time.

  7. Oh – I love those T-shirts! Remember when we used to go to rock concerts, and bought the T-shirts that had the band’s logo on the front, and a list of tour dates on the back? I have the Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Van Halen, John Denver, the Monkees (YES, I said The Monkees!) and many more…
    Very cool to have that for the marching band. I love marching bands, btw.

  8. Chatty, I still have my Def Leppard shirt from 1983!

  9. that’s BRILLIANT! take a picture of the schedules…you are a pro!

  10. I couldn’t afford the film or the processing for so many pictures with a regular camera.
    Looks like the band has a busy year planned.