Thematic Photographic #45: Floral

Floral was the theme this week (the Thematic Photographic week runs from Wednesday evening to Wednesday evening). The crocus blooms are just now popping up in Ontario, but here we are at the tail end of the daffodils and into the tulips.


Literally into the tulips!


Just when we were despairing of having any at all, the apple blossoms have burst forth.


The blossoms blowing off of the neighbor’s tree looked like a flurry of snowflakes. The grass was dusted with pink blossoms (and a few dandelions).


A small garden in front of our house is currently carpeted with Creeping Phlox in pinks and purples.


These delicate blossoms are called “bleeding heart.”


Want to play along? Carmi explains how it’s done here.


Come back tomorrow for the Weekly Words Challenge. The words are DOOR and HOME (or anything that reminds you of home).


12 responses to “Thematic Photographic #45: Floral

  1. It is surprising to me how much further along Spring is in your area than in mine. Especially today on a cold and miserable and rainy day.

  2. OH MY! Your place looks so beautiful in spring, doesn’t it?

  3. it is such a nice to change to have a ‘flurry’ of petals instead of the cold stuff! me thinks spring is finally here!!

  4. How beautiful! You are a great photographer!

  5. Wonderful photographs. I love how you’ve captured such wonderful shapes in these flowers. That tulip shot is awesome (she writes, gritting her teeth, knowing she has a similar tulip shot that is just not that good!)

    And I love love love bleeding hearts. Do you know how to make them into “Lady in a bathtub”?

  6. That phlox is gorgeous. I don’t thin we can grow it here because it is too warm.

  7. Lovely shots! Bleeding hearts are one of my favourites and the phlox is lovely.

  8. You’re in the pink there, for sure. Lovely shots. I love the bleeding hearts and remember now that Frank will have some growing in his yard. Time to steal some seeds. 😉 Nicely done, as your posts always are.

  9. oh my, i want creeping phlox now!! that’s absurdly gorgeous.

  10. I loved the pictures.
    It snowed here this morning but now it is raining.

  11. Nicely done macro work. This time of year is awesome, and you captured it well. 🙂

  12. To see the lady in the bathtub, take a bleeding heart blossom, and turn it upside down, with the white part pointing up. Hold the two pink “tabs” and gently pull outward. The pink is the bathtub, the white part is the lady.

    I forget when I learned about that, but I’ve know it since childhood.