WWC #81: Door and Home


In the absence of the vacationing Tink, Jay hosted the Weekly Words Challenge last week and gave us our words for this week: DOOR and HOME (or things that remind us of home).

A beautiful door makes for an enticing ENTRANCE

Yes, I’ve used this picture before (it’s from May 2008) but I absolutely love this door. A couple of longtime friends & I get together each Spring for a girls’ weekend, and this was the front door from the house we rented last year.


Changing seasons bring different decorations…
This is my front door in Autumn.

treehouse front door

treehouse DOOR

[not ours]


Front DOOR and temporary HOME for one year (SuperDad took this photo, as I did not accompany him there).


They share a name 🙂

Family makes me think of HOME. This photo of EB with his great-uncle was taken at my in-laws’ home — one of my favorite vacation spots!

What makes you think of home?


A list of regular WWC participants can be found here.

And even though I’m not good about posting my pics on flickr {something to do with not paying for a pro account}, we do have a WWC flickr group.

17 responses to “WWC #81: Door and Home

  1. Oh man, I’d like a treehouse too alright. Maybe with a little fridge. 🙂

  2. That’s lovely – I like the tree house best! I commented on your post below about the lady in the bathtub.

  3. When I think of home I think of refuge and comfort.

  4. I would love to have a tree house. We never had one when we were kids. I was so deprived. LOL

    Great job with the words this week!

  5. I love the glass insert in that door! Great tree house.

  6. Great interpretations, KC. I love that cut glass window.. so beautiful.

  7. i would SO much rather be in a tree house right now than at my desk. in a treehouse.. with a book… and a plate of cookies 🙂

  8. Very nice doors. I really like the autumn door, and the tree house is just cool. Well done as usual.

  9. Old grapevines. Cool babbling creeks. The hot dusty smell of dry fields in the summer time. Live oaks.

  10. What a lovely wreath! Did I spell that right? My favorite picture is of the treehouse. I love the angle and how the sun glitters through the tree canopy. Well done!

  11. The right food makes me think of home, particularly meatloaf and any sort of pie.

  12. Home cooking like mom, and certain summer and spring scents… dryer sheets, vanilla like baking a cake, and too much music to name.

    Love the wreath… great job!

  13. that treehouse door shot reminds me of a goat picture I have…cool shots!

  14. I’d love to have a treehouse like that when I was younger. 🙂

  15. Love the treehouse! And the autumn wreath. And the window in that door. And, and,….. gee, pretty much all your pictures are great! 🙂

  16. My couch makes me think of home. 🙂

  17. OH, my gosh! That first door – with the glass – I have that SAME front door, except my wood is white. In fact, I used it for a WWC several months ago – for “clear” and “distorted”. Small, world, isn’t it?