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WWC #82: “R” and ANGRY


More than a day late and a dollar short, here is what I’ve got for the Weekly Words Challenge with “R” (things that begin with the letter R) and angry:


I was too busy to post on Tuesday because I was hanging out with 2 busloads of 3rd graders, assorted teachers & parent chaperones, and a Ranger.


It was probably a Regulation for these markers to be placed along the trail.


Looking down at the mouth of Antietam Creek where it meets the Potomac River. Historians say this body of water ran Red with the blood of Civil War soldiers after the battle of Antietam (or Sharpsburg, if you are a true Southerner). There were nearly 23,000 casualties in that single day battle; over 3,650 soldiers died and another 17,000+ were wounded.


SnakeMaster wanted to sleep outside on Tuesday night, even though I warned him about a possible thunderstorm and showers expected off and on for the next few days. Sure enough, he woke up at 6 AM Wednesday morning with Rain on his face. He left his tent and got ready for school. It wasn’t until after school that I realized he had left all of his bedding in the tent… 2 cushions, 2 pillows, and 4 blankets. I wasn’t angry, but everything was soaking wet.


The words for next week are:
Bokeh (Definition

Sheesh! Angry was such a difficult word for me that I didn’t even provide a picture (hence the dollar short comment above) — and now Tink wants bokeh! That will certainly stretch my photography skills.