WWC #83: Heart & Bokeh


From the 2009 archives.. because my WWC friends –including Tink— are a wonderful, understanding, and forgiving bunch of photog nuts.

I give you bokeh (or possibly not, since the background is not awash in light)


and heart:


Quick update

I’m still reeling from last Thursday. I am thankful that I can be with my friend during this time. I’d feel awful if I couldn’t be there, and I cannot fathom anyone trying to deal with this alone. He clearly intended for her to witness it. Absolutely Evil.

Healing comes slowly, especially when a person is subjected to such violence.


17 responses to “WWC #83: Heart & Bokeh

  1. I hope your friend and her family are healing – no doubt your caring friendship is a huge help. Hugs to you for taking care of her.

    I love the heart image, even though I really don’t want to see snow for a long, long time!

  2. the snow picture is gorgeous! and i am glad to hear that you are there for your friend! youre in my thoughts!

  3. Oh goodness, it is dawning on me what your friend saw. Wow. Well best wishes to you all!

  4. The snow and heart is perfect.

    Things like this leave you shaky for awhile. Sending you good wishes.

  5. Excellent interpretations of the words.

    Sending good thoughts to your friend.

  6. Love your bokeh and your snowy heart.

    I am glad you can be there for your friend.

  7. I’m so sorry to hear about what happened to your friend…such a horrible thing.

  8. Still have you (and them) in my thoughts and prayers.

    I like the snow heart. Not sure that the first one technically qualifies, but it is pretty. 🙂

    Be well.

  9. I love that shot of the snow on the chair. Gorgeous. The flowers are lovely too.

    Horrible situation for you friend. Know they are being prayed for.

  10. beautiful wwc photos…you and your friend are being sent good vibes from TN…

  11. Great interpretations.
    I feel sorry for your friend. I had a member with a mental illness that killed himself in front of his children. I feel sorry for your friend.
    She will need all the support she can get.
    I worked with the familes of nine suicides while I was in the active ministry.
    Now my daughter mans a help line twivce a month with the task of talking people out of killing themselves. She has three or four calls evrery time.

  12. Both photos are spot on!! Great! Love that chair.

    Still sending prayer and healing to your friend and everyone affected during this awful time.


  13. Yup, that’s bokeh! Well done. And I love that heart chair. Even when busy with obviously more important things, you still find time to play. ((HUG))

    You (and your friend) are in my thoughts, girl.

  14. I really like the first picture…it is gorgeous! I can imagine it being black/white…think that would make it very dramatic.

    Then print it, frame it, and hang it on a wall.

  15. Great pics! Big hugs to you and your friend. What a horrible event. Still thinking of you guys and sending you prayers.

  16. I’m so sorry for your friend. I’m praying.

    BTW, I absolutely agree with the comment you made on my blog today.

    Love ya! Sending a big hug. Holding space for your friend and for you!

  17. I still can’t get over how awful that whole situation must be. A whole lot of pain for everyone. Ugh.