Daily Archives: May 9, 2009

For all the moms

May your memories be full of moments like this

Whidbey Island, spring break 2006 061

and may your reality be a little more like this

Anniversary flowers 002

Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂


Weight Watchers, day 2

I hate dieting. It’s all about discipline and deprivation.
It’s die with a ting on the end of it.

So I have been mildly surprised that I haven’t gone off the deep end of the emotional hunger pool (at least not yet). I haven’t even used up all my daily points! Somehow, just knowing that I could have that slice of bread AND a glass of Chardonnay AND an Italian Ice dessert and STILL be within my “points” range… well, it all makes me feel more in control. Perhaps even more disciplined?? I didn’t deprive myself of those extra things tonight; I chose to not have them — because I was satisfied with what I had eaten already.

2009 May

The asparagus is from our garden. I even had 6 additional shrimp, for a total of 18.  A mere 3 points!

Plate by Gary Rith 🙂