Weight Watchers, day 2

I hate dieting. It’s all about discipline and deprivation.
It’s die with a ting on the end of it.

So I have been mildly surprised that I haven’t gone off the deep end of the emotional hunger pool (at least not yet). I haven’t even used up all my daily points! Somehow, just knowing that I could have that slice of bread AND a glass of Chardonnay AND an Italian Ice dessert and STILL be within my “points” range… well, it all makes me feel more in control. Perhaps even more disciplined?? I didn’t deprive myself of those extra things tonight; I chose to not have them — because I was satisfied with what I had eaten already.

2009 May

The asparagus is from our garden. I even had 6 additional shrimp, for a total of 18.  A mere 3 points!

Plate by Gary Rith 🙂


7 responses to “Weight Watchers, day 2

  1. Yes – I like that I can eat anything I want – I just have to make the points work out. It does give you more of a feeling of control.

    That said, I’m starving.

  2. In my mind, anyone who can stick to a diet is a hero! I’ve tried and failed miserably every time.

  3. I have friends doing WW. They eat shrimp like mad. I hate shrimp.

    The asparagus looks divine though.

  4. I love the Gary Rith plate!!!

    You know what works for me (where “works for me” means pass the chocolate chips, heh)? Thinking about what I can eat, rather than what I can’t. There are so many fresh vegetables and fruits and other healthy foods that are so filling and delicious. Also, for me, eating healthy fat (avocado, olive oil, salmon, nuts) leaves me feeling full longer with smaller portions.

    Now, about those chocolate chips . . .

  5. I am *so* happy to hear you’re doing Weight Watchers! Unlike others, I think it really teaches you how to eat (rather than pre packaged meals).

    I dropped 40 pounds in about 8 months using a similar system (that I made up as I went). I educated myself what was a lot of extra calories that were not worth it (syrup comes to mind — 220 calories. Sugar-free – 30)

    I still had the gin and tonic, but switched to sugar free — wee!

    I still remember seeing how I could a quarter kielbasa if I used the turkey one. And to me, it tastes nearly the same.

    I am *so* proud of you!! (And that dinner looked dang good!)

  6. uh. I have had success with WW before. I just can’t maintain. Maybe I’ll do it with you. I need the point accountability.

  7. Yea for you! I’ve been doing WW for about two weeks and have lost 8lbs. I really need help now trying to find new things to eat. Your shrimp and asparagus looks fabulous! I’m going to try that for dinner!

    Keep us posted! You are a great inspiration!