At the Arboretum

After 2 weeks of really crummy weather, we finally had a gorgeous spring day on Mother’s Day. My family treated me really well: the boys each made me a card, SuperDad gave me the Mary Kay gift basket he had won (highest bid) at the silent auction, they swept the floors of the house and vacuumed the van… do I sound like I’m bragging? Then we headed out to the state arboretum! 😀

DSCN0849 plant sale purchasesThe parking was a little crazy because they were hosting the annual Mother’s Day weekend plant sale. Tons of vendors with plants and garden-related stuff for sale. They even had little wagons you could use to haul your plants around until the end of your shopping spree.

This one sat still while the proud shoppers were taking a break under the tents with some refreshments.

We quickly browsed through the outdoor shopping area and headed for the “back 40” — or in this case, the back 700+ acres.


This isn’t just an arboretum; it also serves as an experimental farm for a state university. The last time I was here (on a field trip last June), we observed some of the staff hand-pollinating flowers in the “pollination garden.”

cropped gate pic
This design on the gate caught my attention, with its circles and horseshoes.

I’m saving the purple and arch pictures for tomorrow’s WWC post, but here a few photos I can share with you today:

White Iris

White Iris




DSCN0914 white azalea

White Azalea



I brought the older digital camera with us and practically begged someone to take some pictures! No one else has ever shared my hobby (although SuperDad has been known to grab the camera to photograph the various birds that frequent our yard). MusicMan finally obliged.

When I went to look at the pictures he took, he had already deleted them from the camera! I thought they were GONE until I uploaded my own pictures and noticed that he had created a file of his own.

MM took this picture of iris (my favorite flower)

MM took this picture of iris (my favorite flower)

my wonderful sons

my wonderful sons


After walking through fields, we swung past the herb garden and on to the car. Within 2 miles, the little ones in the backseat discovered 3 ticks. Ewwwwww!!! Out the window they went (the ticks, not the boys).

We ate here for dinner (using up coupons we had “won” at the silent auction. [This Mother’s Day has been brought to you by winning bids from the silent auction.] I had enough points to enjoy a burger with provolone, onions, and mushrooms 😀 and then we back headed home.


13 responses to “At the Arboretum

  1. It sounds like a great day–purple irises are my favorite flower too.

  2. … and my perfume is Iris-based!

  3. Oh that’s wonderful — so happy to hear you had such a relaxing day. BTW thought of you today — I saw my SIL today and she bought a scale that calculates WW points with her birthday money. Hope it’s going well and just wanted you to know I thought of you. 🙂

  4. A very nice day indeed. Happy Mothers Day.

  5. Thats great! happy moms day!

  6. OH! Man, it seems like your boys are all pretty tall aren’t they?

  7. Much better weather than here: drizzly and cold. We’re taking Bridget out when her wrist is better.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful mother’s day. Love the photos and Irises are one of my favourites.

  9. Great pictures. Loved the picture of your family. Sounds like you had the kind of day any mother would be happy to have.

  10. Sounds like you had a great day, especially at the gardens. Happy Post-Mother’s Day.

  11. This is great! I love this! And, I love hearing all about your house full of boys!!! 😉

  12. Such a handsome crew!

  13. We passed this on Saturday and I told Peter that might be a nice place to visit. And I was right! The pictures are beautiful! How funny that we were in the same area just a day apart.