WWC #84: Purple Arch


This past week, the still-unemployed and very talented Tink went on a pre-planned and prepaid cruise. In my mind, that gives me permission to post additional pics from last week’s WWC because I took 2 really decent shots over the weekend:

2009 May 009

HEART SuperDad made this for me a few years ago. It’s too pretty to use as a stepping stone.

2009 May 015 azalea bokeh

BOKEH Just a little May azalea bokeh from our front garden 🙂
(definition of bokeh)


I was happy with the pictures I took on Sunday at the arboretum.  Columbine is the top left, then purple azalea, followed by iris, some pretty flower I can’t recall the name of, a purple martin (bird peeking out of its birdhouse), more iris and a few arches.  If you have one you’d like to see in larger format, let me know and I’ll post it tomorrow.

Purple & Arch


And a few pictures from my archives (because I had this post ready before our Mother’s Day jaunt):

April Rainbow 2007 016

A brilliant arching rainbow (with purple) over my old house: colonial blue with white trim and purple accents and a purple door. (We didn’t choose the colors — it came that way. The new owners have long since painted it something else.)

Watermelon ARCH

Watermelon ARCH

upside-down ARCH

upside-down ARCH

Christmas ARCH

Christmas ARCH

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10 responses to “WWC #84: Purple Arch

  1. Good catch-up and wicked good shots for this week. When I was looking through the archives yesterday I found a Christmas and rainbow ones (but forgot to use them today :/ ) The upside down one is especially cool.

  2. I love the Watermelon Arch.

    And the Upside Down Arch is just brilliant.

  3. Great shots.

    The Watermelon Arch is a hoot.

  4. Lovely heart and the collage of purple and arch is great! (are they forget-me-nots?) The rainbow is stunning and the watermelon arch is wonderful.

  5. I love the flowers from the arboreum – probably because I’m so starved for floral beauty!

  6. Wow you outdid yourself this week! Great pictures. I love your bokeh shot, nicely done. And your collage of the flowers and arches is wonderful!

  7. These are awesome! I really love that heart shot and your collage of purple flowers. The bokeh is really well done too. Where in the world did you find that watermelon arch? Great job this week. 🙂

  8. What a spectacular rainbow shot. Well done.

  9. Wonderful pics and great ideas. But really, that upside down one.. that’s a … fallen arch. 😉

  10. Wow lovely on the arches. Flowers gorgeous!

    I didn’t get to play this week. le Sigh.. le tired.