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WWC #85: Metal K

…not to be confused with Special K 😀

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I just got back from my annual girls’ weekend. My friend K was this year’s hostess. She picked me up from the airport on Friday morning and we spent a few hours in nearby Grapevine, TX, while we waited for A’s plane to arrive.

This [metal] bronze statue, found in front of the old train station, salutes military families.

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Grapevine has quite a few bronze statues. The one on top of City Hall also caught my eye:

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I currently live in an area where metal “barn stars” are popular decorations on houses and barns (*duh*) but Texans put metal stars on EVERYTHING. It might be called the Lone Star State, but it’s hard to find a star all alone.

Kettle Korn, anyone?

Kettle Korn, anyone?

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METAL sign

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We found cans of this “pudding” in the Kitchen section of a British store in Grapevine. I don’t think I could make myself eat the stuff, at least not with laughing it out my nose…



These guys cracked me up. Anyone want to buy a “potty mouth” critter?

cute little Kama Sutra salt & pepper shakers

cute little Kama Sutra salt & pepper shakers

Note the bluebonnet flowers painted on the little blue figure — because, Texas!

We weren’t just in Texas…. we were in Tool, Texas!
The METAL sign proves it!


2009 K2A Texas Edition 002


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