WWC #85: Metal K

…not to be confused with Special K 😀

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I just got back from my annual girls’ weekend. My friend K was this year’s hostess. She picked me up from the airport on Friday morning and we spent a few hours in nearby Grapevine, TX, while we waited for A’s plane to arrive.

This [metal] bronze statue, found in front of the old train station, salutes military families.

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Grapevine has quite a few bronze statues. The one on top of City Hall also caught my eye:

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I currently live in an area where metal “barn stars” are popular decorations on houses and barns (*duh*) but Texans put metal stars on EVERYTHING. It might be called the Lone Star State, but it’s hard to find a star all alone.

Kettle Korn, anyone?

Kettle Korn, anyone?

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METAL sign

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We found cans of this “pudding” in the Kitchen section of a British store in Grapevine. I don’t think I could make myself eat the stuff, at least not with laughing it out my nose…



These guys cracked me up. Anyone want to buy a “potty mouth” critter?

cute little Kama Sutra salt & pepper shakers

cute little Kama Sutra salt & pepper shakers

Note the bluebonnet flowers painted on the little blue figure — because, Texas!

We weren’t just in Texas…. we were in Tool, Texas!
The METAL sign proves it!


2009 K2A Texas Edition 002


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17 responses to “WWC #85: Metal K

  1. Yummm….peach tea and lemonade.

    The funny thing is that that is the kind of town Peter would love to visit. One of these years we’ll have to make our way down to Texas.

  2. what a great time!! i always get a kick out of town signs that list the population!!

  3. what a great town…love that first statue 🙂

  4. That last photo is my favorite. Great friends–there’s not much better in life.

  5. I would have to bring my little metal flask full of something to pour in my peach tea and lemonade. 😉

    Great job on the words this week. The fish with the TP in it’s mouth made me LOL.

    And I didn’t even think of bronze statues. That was a great idea.

  6. I loved the pictures and the humor in the pictures. Looks like you had a great time.

  7. Tool time 🙂

    Very nice, and funny. Your good time shows through in your photos. Well done, and welcome home.

  8. Looks like you had a great time, love the last photo with you all smiling! The first statue is wonderful and the potty mouth fish – lol!

  9. 🙂 Ha! What a trip! And that statue atop the building, what a place. And fish mouths. Thanks for sharing it all KC!

  10. hooray for girls’ weekends! are all three of you in different states? what a great excuse to travel 🙂

  11. I too love the last photo of ya’ll in Texas, what a fun weekend!
    Great pictures all around!

  12. Your pictures are great! I love the statue on top of the building. Is “he” lighting the way with that lantern? The potty mouth fish are awesome. I might have to try and recreate that for my own bathroom. Although honestly, Hoop can’t remember to put the TP on the roll, let alone in a fish. 😉

  13. Awww! Texas! I’ve been to Grapevine, Texas. Did you make it to Austin, by chance?! Austin is awesome!

    Lovely photo of you and your friends.

  14. Awesome photos! And, yes, pass the Kettle Korn. 😉

  15. These are wonderful photos. I love the statues and those potty mouth fish are incredible. I think Gary should design one…

    I love that last photo. It so beautifully represents friendship. Nicely done, KC. 🙂

  16. Kama Sutra salt and pepper shakers! Ahhhhh!

  17. Good for you on getting on the plane! I’m proud of you. (Sorry about the late post — just catching up after the cruise and me still being down with the cold)

    And I gotta tell you, I love seeing your photos — parts of the country I’ve never seen.