Thematic Photographic: Signs

“Here’s your sign!”

Copy of DSCN0943

Carmi is exploring SIGNS this week for Thematic Photographic. Feel free to click on the links and play along. 😉


11 responses to “Thematic Photographic: Signs

  1. I’m REDdy. ha ha.

  2. ha! That makes me think of one in my old neighbourhood. Without punctuation it read:

    Slow kids at play.

  3. Hahaha…I need that to go along with the “Caution: Blonde Thinking” sign I have hung up above Peter’s computer.

  4. my neck is red….my outlook is not, however!

  5. That is not in your back yard is it? 🙂

  6. that’s funny!! I liked all your Texas photos below, too – loved the bronze statue on top of the dome.

  7. Does that mean they have the shotguns out?

  8. LOL, I think I might feel right at home!

  9. That could be on my brother’s front door, and no one would think anything of it!