20 Easy Ways to Help Save the Earth


My pal Farmer*sWife is giving away a book about recycling — a subject near and dear to my heart. I can’t call myself a true greenie, but I do lurve me some recycling!

Don’t you dare throw that paper in the garbage!

Did you rinse that can out and put it in the recycling bin?

I’ve been known to take cans and bottles home from get-togethers simply because I cannot bear to see them go into the garbage. Camping? “Pack in, pack out” any and all recyclables, even if there is a garbage can available. It might just drive my husband a little bit crazy to drive a rolling recycling bin.

I’ve also spent over 5 years in Texas, so the fact that this book is bilingual caught my attention. What a cool way to learn some Spanish!

20 Easy ways to Save the Earth

Farmer*sWife has all the details (including more about the book and its author) over at her place, so click away to enter yourself in the contest to win a great little book!

8 responses to “20 Easy Ways to Help Save the Earth

  1. I saw this too!!!!

  2. So super cool!!!! Thanks kc!!! 🙂

    I’m starting to drive my hubby a little crazy too; Wonder-Mom has converted me. Sweet D has been working on me for some time too!

    But, we don’t have a recycling place close — but, I keep newspaper for wrapping, etc. All jars for hot sauce and sending left-overs home, stuff for the school, etc. 🙂

    [Wine corks! Someone made a wall to their bar out of those, you know!] LOL!

  3. Awesome! I try to recycle everything I can, and now I’m making more of an effort to reuse and reduce too.

  4. Ever since they allow us to throw all recycleables in one can, I have been a convert. We take out one medium trash bag every week, and the recycleable bin at capacity. When I feel lazy, I ask myself, “I can put this in the trash ’cause I am tired and it will take 100 years to go away, or I can walk it to the recycle bin.” The recycle bin always wins with my self-guilt. 🙂

  5. A special mention of you on my blog. 🙂

  6. We have three kinds of recyclables. Paper as in catalogues, newspapers etc.
    Cardboard which must be handled seperatly.
    And can and bottles with some letter on the bottom.
    We do our best with all of them.
    Good to know we are not alone.

  7. Good for you. It doesn’t take too much to do it right but too many don’t bother.

  8. I’m so glad they make us recycle in NYC. I try to do anything I can to be green.