WWC #86: “T” and “Not What They Seem”

T” is for Tink – our Weekly Words Challenge tickler!

T” is also for…

Disneyland 089
Tough Guys
Disneyland 015
Terribly Sexy
Tower of Terror
Tower of Terror

(where nothing is as it seems)

Tiring Trip
Tiring Trip
Tillamook Cheese Factory
Tillamook Cheese Factory

BONUS! That one also counts as a sign for this week’s Thematic Photographic.

And it might be Terrible, but it is

Tommy, Alex and Billy 3

“Not What They Seem”

I hereby confess that these pictures were all from the archives, from as much as 3 years ago.  I was working on a newsletter all weekend = no time to get out and be creative! I’m sure I’ll kick myself later at the many missed opportunities to take some great shots.


17 responses to “WWC #86: “T” and “Not What They Seem”

  1. Hi-
    I wrote to you yesterday about using one of your photos that you had posted on your blog on March 4, 2008 of an old barn. We are considering it for the cover of a new book. While we do no pay compensation for photos in the public domain, we would be pleased to give you a photo credit in the book. Please let me know if this is alright with you. The book is a mystery story that takes place in Pennsylvania.
    Many thanks.

  2. I am so happy for the WWC this week. Not just because you shared great photos, but because it reminded me that it is Tuesday! A short week!

  3. Nicely done. I think it might be even more of a challenge to find such suitable photos from an archive. You did great. The “terribly sexy” made me laugh.. too cute. 🙂

  4. Those are great pictures…very funny!

  5. Wonderful photos all round.

  6. Great job! Getting your pics from your archives is perfectly fine. They’re great.

    I didn’t pay this week. Time got away from me.

  7. Well done, I usually have some (if not all) from the archives, although this week not one is 🙂

    I think the are all good, but the last one made me laugh.

  8. ummmmm…Tillamook Cheese. I love it.

  9. Does your cat go on trips with you?!

  10. Such adorable shots…and … CHEESE! Yum!

  11. Nikki-ann: That was a photo from our last moving adventure. We get a friend to come and keep the cat company when we take a vacation. 😀

  12. Great pictures , all of them. But I think I was in the tower of terror once.

  13. Cracks me up, seeing the cat and boy asleep in the car!

  14. I thought the Tower of Terror shot was a perfect picture for “Not What It Seems”! I also love how your hubby hams it up for photos. What a great guy. 🙂

  15. Totally Terrific “T”‘s

  16. How CUTE are they! Darling!

  17. I love Tillamook cheese. We went on a visit to that factory when I was a kid.

    My own kids had a lot of fun on that tower of terror.