Sign, Sign, everywhere a sign

sign for warm weather

sign for warm weather

questionable sign

questionable sign

posing with sign

posing with sign

Carmi has been exploring SIGNS this week for Thematic Photographic. Feel free to click on the links and play along. 😀

11 responses to “Sign, Sign, everywhere a sign

  1. You know, I really do not like signs that feature bananas like that. It just looks wrong!!!

  2. whoa, KC, nice new look!

  3. I feel honored that I was present for each of the photos in today’s blog ; ) Getting a lot of mileage out of your shots from Texas.

  4. Nice new look! I love the kegs behind you in the last shot 😉

  5. The wino crossing sign was my favorite. Frickin’ hilarious.

  6. i think i need to hang that wino sign in my house… 🙂

    nice new layout here!!

  7. Wonderfully executed!! Great WWC photos this week… Sorry I’ve been so evasive. Such busy and hectic days lately. 😦

    I didn’t play this week but hope to be able to next…

  8. Wino crossing. Too funny.

  9. Chocolate-dipped cheesecake? Yow.

  10. First off was it not you who said *I* had t banana thing?

    Second that wino crossing sign is too darn funny!!! It is also a nice shot 🙂