WWC #87: Yellow and “in my purse/wallet”

The words for the week of May 26th – June 2nd are

YELLOW & In My Purse/Wallet.


This week is short and sweet. It’s June. I’ve got kids. I’m busy.

Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose

In My Purse

In My Purse

Confession: I cleared out most of the garbage — crumpled receipts, tissues and napkins, and other why in the Sam Hill do I have this? stuff — before laying it all before you. Because I have pride (at least a little).

Bonus pic from last Saturday’s TOWN PARADE:

A dog named Angel

A dog named Angel

The Weekly Words Challenge is a photo meme. Tink is the go-to person (be sure to click on her blog) and she has created a list of regular participants. Check out all of the creative interpretations of this week’s words!


16 responses to “WWC #87: Yellow and “in my purse/wallet”

  1. You didn’t even have to include the “I’m busy” for me to know you were. All you had to say was “I have kids” and I would completely understand. 🙂

  2. Your purse looks like mine. And that rose is AMAZING.

  3. And just how big is this suitcase you claim is a purse?! Good gravy, woman!

  4. I like the yellow rose. Wow that IS a lot of stuff, now that’s more of what I am used to seeing.

    Ha! cute dog.

  5. What a beautiful rose–I love yellow roses.

  6. My purse is jammed with stuff, cliff bars for hunger emergency, several church bulletins so on and so forth….but the Middle Child’s purse is HUGE, she is like Mary Poppins with hers…water bottles, books, lotion, chap sticks, bag of chips.

  7. everything but the kitchen sink and a volkswagon in your purse, eh? 🙂

  8. I am glad to see I am not the only one with a crazy purse. I am so un-organized. I really like your pictures especially the one of the dog named angel that’s fantastic.

  9. I ❤ mentos! So chewy and cool 🙂

  10. Women carry so much stuff around with them. I’m sure it’s all very important to have with you at all times though. 😉

  11. hee, i’ve resisted the call of the Big Purse for many moons, mainly because i hate that i can lose things in a big bag when in theory, the bag is supposed to be providing MORE convenience for my life.

    and yes – it was definitely for pole dancing. level 3, now! we do all sorts of awesome stuff these days 😉

  12. Checked the blogroll and I’m in yay!

    The rose is lovely. My fav has to be the Dog named Angel though even if it is a bonus shot! haha!

  13. My favourites are Yellow Roses! The joys of being single and only having to carry what you need for yourself at any given time;) Love the dog!

  14. The purse contents collage is excellent! I love the devil dog too. I think our little boy terrier needs that costume… as a warning. 🙂

  15. I love yellow roses. And that’s a lot of purse–even after cleaning it out. I’m glad I use a wallet.