Daily Archives: June 6, 2009

Thematic Photographic: Dusk


As the natural light from the sun fades away, the carnival lights are turned on to cheer the soggy night.



Carmi has been exploring Dusk this week.   Thematic Photographic runs from Wednesday night to Wednesday night each week.

A Correction

I found the following in my comment box regarding my last post. Yes, I had a little nagging voice telling me to check out my info, so I went to truthorfiction.com.  I should have checked out Snopes as well, or at least I should have Googled!  *sigh*  Good news, it’s only her age that was wrong.  Read on…

Please know that Regina Brett, author of 50 Life Lessons, is not 90 years old (don’t feel bad – that misinformation is all over the internet), but she is indeed wise. She is actually 53 years old; she is the senior metro columnist at The Plain Dealer in Cleveland (Ohio’s largest weekly newspaper); she was a finalist in both 2008 and 2009 for the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary; and she has a book based on her 50 Life Lessons coming out in April of 2010. You can check out her website by going to http://www.reginabrett.com where you will see that all I’ve written here is true !! You can also read all of her past columns, including the columns nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, at http://www.cleveland.com/brett