Third Dusk

The sun was just going down behind the Blue Ridge Mountains as my dh & I finished our walk this evening, so I hurried in and grabbed my camera.


Carmi’s Thematic Photographic theme this week (until Wednesday evening) is DUSK.  I felt lucky to get this beautiful shot after the thunderstorm we had earlier this afternoon/evening.  No hail, but tons of lightning — I’m a little surprised we didn’t lose power.

17 responses to “Third Dusk

  1. very pretty! LOVE the pink tones!

  2. Oh the pink is lovely! This is a beautiful shot. And I really enjoyed your carnival dusk photos too!

    I loved this theme, just played a little late as usual. 😉

  3. What a beautiful shot of the sky!

  4. God, you should totally post on Pink Saturday. What a knockout photo!!!!

  5. What a great sky to enjoy with your guy!

  6. Great color in that shot. Well done.

  7. That is AMAZING!!

  8. gorgeous!! the sky turned an amazing pink even way out this way, after that freakish apocolypse storm we had. i was busy drinking wine, though, so no pictures here 😉

  9. Wonderful sky. I loved the carnival shots too.

  10. This is soo pretty!

  11. I love sunsets and that is a marvelous one.

  12. That is a fantastic sunset, and the silhouettes make me swoon!

  13. What a beauty of a shot!

  14. That is just gorgeous!

  15. Painted sky…what an amazing shade. The sky can never get old: every time we look up, it somehow manages to surprise us with something new. Thanks for this…rockin’ shade of pink!