Daily Archives: June 12, 2009

Five Friday fragments

  1. I made cotton candy this afternoon, for nearly 2 hours. Who knew it could be a good workout for your arms and shoulders?
  2. My car (okay, it’s really a minivan) rolled over 30,000 miles today and I still like it! So far, so good for the Kia Sedona. 😀
  3. One more week of school, then we are out for the summer; however, I will still have to get up at 4:45am each weekday.
  4. I keep forgetting to sign SnakeMaster up for swim lessons. He could get by without them (he swims okay already) but I really ought to give him one more session’s worth.
  5. I am WAAAAAAAAY behind in sending out birthday cards, graduation cards, anniversary cards…. (you get the picture).