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And The Why

Rush has been one of my favorite bands for the past 38,932,893 years (or at least since I went to high school). The lyrics are part poetry and part personal commentary. I don’t always agree with the mindset behind the words, but I can appreciate the way Neil Peart shares his heart and mind (not to mention his percussion skills). Sometimes it is social or political commentary. A prime example of this is the song, The Trees [the sound isn’t so great on this video, but at least the lyrics are there]:

The What

Inspired by Hilary and the talent she has for combining song lyrics with her beautiful photographs, I decided to share some of my own pictures and a few words from each song on the latest Rush CD.

**(the band, people!!)**


“Sometimes the fortress is too strong
or the love is too weak”

[Armor And Sword]

Grayland Beach June 2006 003

“Though we might have precious little
It’s still precious”

[Bravest Face]

Dave in Balad

“The best we can agree on
Is it could have been worse
What happened to your old
Benevolent universe?”

[Good News First]

2009 February 025

Like a stone in the river
Against the floods of Spring
I will quietly resist


Grayland Beach June 2006 020

“The ebb and flow of tidal fortune”

[Far Cry]

Cross-Country Move, 7-12 to 7-17-2007 002

“Driving down the razor’s edge between past and future
I turn up the music and smile, eyes on the road ahead”

[Workin’ Them Angels]

DSCN0527 bedroom of the homeless

“Why such different fortunes and fates?
Some are blessed and some are cursed
Some live behind iron gates
While others see only the worst”

[The Larger Bowl (A Pantoum)]


“Like the solitary pine
On a bare wind-blasted shore
We can only grow the way the wind blows”

[The Way The Wind Blows]

Balls Bluff Regional Park 007

“How many times
Do we tire of all the little battles”

[We Hold On]

Cape Disappointment 002

“As the sun goes down on the western shore”