And The Why

Rush has been one of my favorite bands for the past 38,932,893 years (or at least since I went to high school). The lyrics are part poetry and part personal commentary. I don’t always agree with the mindset behind the words, but I can appreciate the way Neil Peart shares his heart and mind (not to mention his percussion skills). Sometimes it is social or political commentary. A prime example of this is the song, The Trees [the sound isn’t so great on this video, but at least the lyrics are there]:

5 responses to “And The Why

  1. His mind is not for rent!

  2. Back in the day, my husband was a master at air drumming on the steering wheel to Rush. Until the day he got a little too enthusiastic and I ended up with a bloody nose. Good times.

    • Sorry about that Jenn!
      Have you & your dh seen “I Love You, Man”? I laughed through almost all of it, AND it has RUSH in concert in the movie! 😀

  3. You surprise me — would *never* have guessed you like Rush. (Not me — too loud) 🙂 But I was genuinely surprised. 🙂

  4. I’m not wild about the music but the lyrics are thought provoking.