Weekend Update

In order of appearance:

bruised toes

Not bad enough for a visit to Cheri‘s hot toe doctor.
Sadly, this is not the first time those particular toes have looked so colorful. Depth perception and navigating doorways in the middle of the day do not appear to be my forte.

And in an entirely unrelated event, I widened my reputation for making margaritas when I played single-drink-option bartender at a friend’s party. Because I’m helpful like that. 😉


Hey, it keeps me out of trouble: you can’t overeat/drink if you are busy serving others, and the small talk is simple: With or without salt? Slushy or on the rocks?

[Not mentioned or photographed, a small mountain of laundry]

14 responses to “Weekend Update

  1. I repeat:
    Ouch and Yummie!
    I also fear my left foot will soon take on the same color as yours – after I stepped wrong getting out of my friend’s truck…

  2. now the drink will defiantly take away the ouch!!

  3. oh OUCH!

    And I like mine on the rocks, with salt, thank you!

  4. Oh no!

    I will go to the hot toe doctor with you.

  5. holy crap, that does not look good…!! if the events were unrelated, i assume you were able to self-medicate w/the margaritas? 🙂

    i just wrote back to you, but the 26th = good for me!!

  6. Damn!! That is bringing back flashbacks of my toes. I had to laugh at your description of not being your forte though. 🙂

    Mmm Margaritas. You know how I like the tequila!

  7. Sorry about your toes and I’ll pass on the drinks.

  8. Ow! I am forever hitting my head on things (the joys of being 6-4 in a world designed for people 5-10 and under)

    Mmmm margarita 🙂

  9. Ouch – I have had a toe look like that once.

    I’d fly from Australia to see Cheri’s hot toe doctor.

  10. Ouchie! That bruise looks painful!

    Did the margarita ease the pain? 😉

    Thanks for your sweet comment on our blog today. It’s so fun knowing that God already knows who our children are and He’s currently preparing us for one another to become a family!

  11. Ohh that looks painful.. but you’re sure they’re unrelated incidents, eh? 😉

  12. I think you SHOULD go to the hot toe doctor. He’s hawt, remember!

    I hope your foot is better by now. I’m just catching up!