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WWC #89: “A” and favorite song

Tink has stretched the boundaries of the game, since neither the letter “A” nor “favorite song” is a word, but no matter… the Weekly Words Challenge isn’t about rules — it’s all about


A is for Apple

A is for Apple

Anniversary flowers 002

A is also for Anniversary flowers

Here it is, up close and personal

And A is for Arachnid

Hear that squealing? It’s the sound of several bloggers who just saw that last picture. Heh. 😀


I recently posted a few lines from each song on an entire CD that I like (well, all the songs with lyrics, that is); you could head over here if you missed it. It also contains my ROAD photo for Carmi’s Thematic Photographic.

But for those who already knew I was a lover of classic rock, allow me to shift some paradigms:



At the confluence of the Shenandoah & Potomac rivers


What? You thought I didn’t appreciate the crooning romantic Andy Williams? Of course I do! Sheesh.

Tune in tomorrow when I mess with your brain again!

**I know the moon shot isn’t that great, but it was the best I could do with my Nikon coolpix when the full moon rose last week.

PS:  If you haven’t already read the post immediately “following” this one, please do so.  A fellow blogger could sure use our help!

Military family housing

I haven’t lived in military family housing since June 2002, which is right around the time that the military stopped taking care of its own housing and “privatized” it. That means that the folks that now run the repair shop (you didn’t really think all military housing is NEW, did you?) are contracted by the government. It also means that these old homes, with their old heating & cooling systems, no longer have their utility expenses covered by the housing office. When the military went over to privatized housing, the basic utility costs (gas, electricity, water) were passed on to the military family. Some of these homes are “substandard.” I think Mary Alice’s house qualifies for that moniker.

Mary Alice over at From the Frontlines has a husband in the Air Force and a son serving in the Coast Guard. She has been discussing her housing situation lately on her blog. Housing on military installations is a cookie-cutter operation, and if it is happening to Mary Alice and her family, you can bet it is affecting other military families. Our military families deserve better! They certainly deserve better than to have their private e-mail read by a base commander (how the base commander obtained a PRIVATE e-mail sent from Mary Alice to HER FRIENDS is unknown). Instead of doing The Right Thing and investigating what is really happening in housing, this leader instructed her Military Man to stop his wife from “spreading rumors” about her housing situation!

Yes, my blood is boiling just a bit here, and I’m not the one living in this situation. Read on…

I challenge you to do a little mouse-clicking and see what I mean.

Try this post out for starters, then read this post. If you have time, read this post also and follow the links.

This is a sad and sick example of how some of our military families are treated.

If you are moved to do so, link to Mary Alice’s blog and write your own post. I’m making sure to “tag” this post to help it get picked up by other readers. If you Twitter, tweet away. It would be wonderful to see mainstream media pick it up and run with it. Bloggers can help each other, and here is a great opportunity!