Super Power

My friend Harry said he was surprised that I liked Rush (**the BAND, people!!**). Obviously, I have been remiss in showing my rocker side, so here’s a little Kutless for you (sorry, I had trouble finding a good video with my favorite songs).

If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?

11 responses to “Super Power

  1. I wouldn’t have known you were a rocker! I have never been a Rush fan for some reason.

    Anyway, I can’t listen to the song at work, but my superpower would be mind reading. Oh to know what others are thinking would be the best!

  2. I guess I should answer my own question!

    My desired superpower is teleportation. It probably wouldn’t cure the effects of procrastination, but it would be handy.

  3. KC you will recall that in 1980 Rush was the air we breathed and water we drank: EVERYWHERE \m/ 🙂

  4. my desired superpower would be the ability to fly, i think that would be the greatest!!

  5. I don’t want one superpower, I would much rather be like Samantha on Bewitched and able to twitch my nose and have stuff be done, or be anywhere I wanted. Oh and to hell with Darren!

  6. I love Rush….and sign me up for mind reading!

  7. I like your teleportation idea–much cheaper and quicker to see the world!

  8. is there some alarming / dirty connotation to rush that i’m missing?? 🙂

    i always would choose teleportation too, and for a very similar reason! i could skip the traffic, sleep in longer, stop always being 5 minutes late, travel around the world so much more easily and cheaply… siiighh….

  9. I love Kutless. And my superpower would be writing great stories that heal people’s lives in some way.

  10. LOL Yea! I made your blog!

    Easy choice on superpowers — always wanted to do that Samantha twitch the nose thing 🙂