rock steady

In the interests of gender equality in my musical tastes, today’s video is of BarlowGirl

If you were a rock, where would you live?  What kind of rock would you be?

14 responses to “rock steady

  1. Sorry for not getting back with you sooner! I am up for having the get-together on another day…I won’t be able to get together tomorrow…

  2. Hmmm–something metamorphic for sure–I’d like the ability to change.

  3. Ooh, tough one. Some days I feel like granite, hard and sparkly, other days I feel like slate, dull and brittle. I think maybe limestone or soapstone, they are tough, but with a bit of work can be shaped and they both have a wonderful texture. I am going to surprise you with where….the Grand Canyon, I can’t stand the cold!

  4. A pet rock. 😉

  5. A rock in a rock garden in a patio with music like that playing.

  6. Answering my own question here…

    Pumice. Lightweight and useful.

  7. Love your new page layout! It is awesome!

  8. Hey, cool song!

    Today I feel like a big immobile boulder, but other days I’m a rollin’ stone gathering no moss. Like those rollin’ days a bit better!

  9. i’d be a geode – looks like a normal boring rock on the outside, but exploding with awesome crystals on the inside 😉

  10. I’d be granite, and I’d live in the Eastern Sierra, CA.

  11. I think that if I were a rock, I’d be lemon meringue pie.

  12. Love the green collage.

    My Green photo is here if you’d like to take a look!

  13. Looks like y’all had fun! What a beautiful family you have. (PS: I’m trying to add you to my readers list, but can’t figure out how!)