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WWC #90: “C” and Wood, part 1

As I was trekking along a small (okay, teeny-tiny 2 mile) portion of the Appalachian Trail on Sunday, it occurred to me that I had forgotten what the words were for this week’s WWC. In the past week, I’ve also parented 4 children who had their last day of the school year, attended a handful of meetings, helped out with the after-grad party, stumbled through Father’s Day, and I’m still busy editing the church newsletter.   I also just found a small yellow plastic Easter Egg on the computer desk! Please don’t call me organized.

The Weekly Words Challenge is a fun photo meme. You get an entire week to find and photograph things as you interpret the given words.

Tink is our fearless leader (check her blog for next week’s words), and here is a list of regular participants.

I’ll be back soon-ish with my own submission, but first I’ve got to get that newsletter finished.

Happy Trails

Yesterday was Father’s Day (which you were already aware of, even if you live under a rock). SuperDad wanted to hike a section of the Appalachian Trail near us.

2009 June 008

SuperDad with MusicMan, Encyclopedia Blue, and SnakeMaster

I left these 4 at the end of a steep, narrow, gravel road to start their hike. Don’t let the looks on the faces of those red-shirted boys fool you. They were happy to begin hiking — they just don’t like posing for pictures. SuperDad actually hoped it would rain because it hasn’t rained enough around here lately. Humorous-Juniorous and I drove to our usual hop-on point of the A.T. with the plan of meeting them halfway.

It was enjoyable to hike with H-J because he didn’t mind my stopping to take pictures, which makes him just about the perfect hiking buddy!
I took the following group of pictures for this week’s GREEN theme over at Carmi’s Thematic Photographic.

2009 June

Because I had paused to take a 15 minute nap and wrap up SuperDad’s Father’s Day gift, his hiking group had a 90 minute head-start on us, but H-J and I still managed to meet them at the rock cropping overlook a couple of miles away from where we parked.

2009 June 018

Happy Father’s Day to SuperDad