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WWC #94: Half of ‘W’

While you are busy reading this, I am headed

Choices of 7

west across the country to

Carved wood in the Washington State Capitol building

Carved wood in the Washington State Capitol building

Washington State, leaving my

Much older, but still in love

my better HALF and I

better half at home (which, by the way, begins with V … V being half of W, it seems appropriate to mention).

Tuesday is the day we post photographs for the Weekly Words Challenge.  Here at my blog, this week is being represented by archived pictures.  I’m busy packing.  Be sure to check out Tink’s blog for her pictures (she is in charge of our  motley crew).

I’ll have to catch up in August.  Vacation is calling…

One small step for man…

On this very day 40 years ago, a man stepped out of a rocket ship and walked on the moon.

Click on this NPR link to listen to the fascinating story that was broadcast  this morning, plus you can read an article and see a small bit of restored footage.

I was listening to the radio on a reverse commute because this very morning, on the 40th anniversary of the moonwalk, a young man to whom I had given birth stepped out of the car and into the airport … alone.

WWC #93: SOUTH of the letter “O”

The Beautiful South

The Beautiful SOUTH — Restaurant, Lounge, and Coffee Bar (depending on what time of day you go)

I was driving up the road toward my little town and 2 things struck me:  1) There is my WWC picture for this week!  And, 2) I live in the South.  Technically.  I’m in an area that had very mixed loyalties during the Civil War, thanks in part to the Quakers who had settled in this locale.  I’ve never seen a Confederate flag flown here except for the tiny cemetery at a nearby battlefield.
Last year, I read Confederates In The Attic, by Tony Horwitz.  This book was eye-opening for me.  At the end of each chapter, which often left me a little shell-shocked, the author turns introspective and brings the reader along with him.  I found it to be an attitude check, a heart check.  I’m not a Southerner and I’m not a Yankee.  I’m from the [beautiful, gorgeous, beloved] Pacific Northwest.  I had not realized, prior to reading Horwitz’s book, the awful extent of racism that still pervades our country.

I was absolutely shocked on our first Halloween here… one of my kids dressed as a ghost, and not one, but TWO people asked if he was KKK.  Granted, the first person was drunk, but I think alcohol just loosened his tongue to say what was on his mind. Needless to say, our ghost costume is no longer in use.

The Weekly Words Challenge is a photo meme hosted each Tuesday by Tink of Pickled Beef (and spork) fame. I’m a day late this week and short on photos/long on words.  Luckily, the WWC group is a forgiving bunch of folks.  A few people have made a cool button that links to a master list of regular paricipants, but I haven’t figured that one out yet. (HELP?)

Travel (B)log

Time Travel

Last night was the first installment of this year’s Vacation Bible School.  For 3 hours, I was transported nearly 2,000 years back in time to an agora (marketplace) where I toiled at the produce/spice shop.  The smell of fresh basil, sage, thyme, rosemary, and many other herbs stayed on my hands all night long.

Motherless Travel

Last Saturday, SnakeMaster climbed into someone else’s minivan for an much-anticipated week at the beach.  On Thursday morning, I will be putting MusicMan on a plane to visit old friends.   These are the moments where I bear witness to the beginnings of letting go… because ultimately, these little birds are outgrowing the nest and will soon fly away.

Blog Travel

I had the incredible privilege to meet a group of local bloggers last Friday.  I recognized Alice & Jacki from their blog photos, but everyone else was visually “new” to me.  We gathered names & blog addresses (mine list had to be written on the back of a Costco receipt…  Unprepared? Moi?) and spent some time getting to know one another.  TheMomBabe took a picture of our very bad waiter.  Thank you, Whateveryournamewas, for giving us more blog fodder.



So who was there?

TheMomBabe, Meredith, Rachel, Jacki, Annie, Hannah, Suburban Correspondent, Alice, Dysfunction Junction,and yours truly.   I took the 1st photo, SC took the 2nd one.  Yes,  Suburban Correspondent kept to her policy of not having any photographs of herself on the internet.
Members of The Women’s Colony, you can be jealous that I got to meet her in person!

IRL update

having lunch with my beloved MIL & FIL

out to lunch with my beloved MIL & FIL

Mucho family togetherness has hindered my blogging time in the past few weeks. .. and probably for the entire summer. Still, we are having a good time together, so I figured it is time for a family update because a few people who read my blog actually know us IRL (that’s “In Real Life” for you non-bloggers).

boys with their visiting grandparents

boys with their visiting grandparents*

*Grandpa isn’t shorter than Grandma — our driveway slopes, and this picture was taken before they left on Tuesday morning.

Good Morning, Mr. Box Turtle

Good Morning, Mr. Box Turtle

SnakeMaster is turning 10 years old this month! Can you believe that my sweet baby boy is going to have 2 digits to his name? *sigh* He’s also heading out for a week at the beach with his best buddy down the street. SM‘s 2nd family here is taking him along on their family vacation! Yes, I considered begging to be taken along, too…

DSCN1570Humorous-Juniorous was formally introduced to Buttercup on July 4th. He & SuperDad decided this meeting was one year too early after H-J drove it far into the shrubbery and then later took off a guide wheel on the neighbor’s tree.



Encyclopedia Blue

Encyclopedia Blue

Encyclopedia Blue has not been having a lazy sleep-in kind of summer. His father gave him a schedule for training up his body before cross-country season begins August 3rd. And yes, we occasionally make him shave by threatening to do it ourselves.

2009 July 001 edited

MusicMan recently had his wisdom teeth extracted, but it hardly seemed to phase him. This is the first night when he was icing his cheeks one side at a time while playing “Oh Heck” with the rest of us. Two days later, he was eating hamburgers. He is mistaken in his belief that his father’s old car is now HIS. Still, there is great freedom (for him and for me) now that he doesn’t need to borrow my ride. I don’t like being wheel-less, and he doesn’t like driving a minivan. I’m still coming to grips with the fact that my firstborn son is now, technically, an adult.

2009 June 018

SuperDad isn’t able to travel west with us this summer, due to work requirements. We’ll miss him (that’s a major understatement on my part). I’ve already written about SuperDad’s new ride. It’s a stick-shift, so only he & I can drive it at this point.


As for me, I’ve been working on getting back to looking like I did in this picture (early 2006). So far I’ve lost about 14 pounds (half of that has been since I joined Weight Watchers). I’m still considering coloring the gray out of my hair before my 25th class reunion that’s coming up in a few weeks. (This picture was taken before most of the gray appeared.) But the really exciting news is that I’m off this evening for a blogging meet-up with a half-dozen other women in the general vicinity! I’m very excited to meet these ladies! 😀

WWC #92: Happy Blue

About 10 days ago, I mentioned a few things that were keeping us busy, and a few people commented that I didn’t share enough information, so I will fill you in on a couple of them…

2009 July 001 edited

18 years old and rendered unwise

Here is MusicMan, 6 hours after his wisdom teeth were extracted. He had zero swelling and was eating hamburgers 48 hours later at a 4th of July party. (Granted, he was on Vicodin and Motrin at the time, but still!! isn’t that slightly abbie-normal?)

Here is also an example of the only use I have for frozen peas. If you find peas in my freezer, they are guarranteed inedible by use as a cold pack. Peas fresh from the garden = delicious; peas purchased in the frozen food section = only good for use as a cold pack.

And then there is the sad tale of an older sibling being kicked out of his happy crib to make room for the new baby brother…

2003 Honda Element

2003 Honda Element

Introducing SuperDad’s new ride, tenatively named “The Mule.”
Other names considered included “Blue Jay” and “Blue Job” (to keep with the B names used for our previous 3 vehicle purchases) I kind of liked Blue Jay but the last choice was bound to be prone to slips of the tongue and made MusicMan chortle at his father.

The Mule is blue and gray (photo taken Sunday at a Civil War Battlefield = apropos) AND it makes SuperDad happy when he drives it.

MusicMan is happy that The Mule has arrived because that frees up “Baghette” (little Bagherra, ala Jungle Book fame) for his own use… once he gets off pain killers and purchases some gasoline.

BLUE is my favorite color, so of course it makes me HAPPY— which is why I painted my shutters “cornflower blue“:

Front Yard 007

The above photo was taken before the next item entered our lives.
Some of you have already seen the über-awesomeness known as my front porch swing, but this might be new to others of you (SuperDad designed, built, and painted it blue for me):

shiny chain

Tuesday is the day for the Weekly Words Challenge. Tink makes me feel important by giving me assigments. (I love to tell people I have a photo assignment. It’s spices up the SAHM gig.) In case you couldn’t tell, the words this week were HAPPY and BLUE.

Happy 4th of July!


Celebrate your independence, have fun, and stay safe! 😀