WWC #92: Happy Blue

About 10 days ago, I mentioned a few things that were keeping us busy, and a few people commented that I didn’t share enough information, so I will fill you in on a couple of them…

2009 July 001 edited

18 years old and rendered unwise

Here is MusicMan, 6 hours after his wisdom teeth were extracted. He had zero swelling and was eating hamburgers 48 hours later at a 4th of July party. (Granted, he was on Vicodin and Motrin at the time, but still!! isn’t that slightly abbie-normal?)

Here is also an example of the only use I have for frozen peas. If you find peas in my freezer, they are guarranteed inedible by use as a cold pack. Peas fresh from the garden = delicious; peas purchased in the frozen food section = only good for use as a cold pack.

And then there is the sad tale of an older sibling being kicked out of his happy crib to make room for the new baby brother…

2003 Honda Element

2003 Honda Element

Introducing SuperDad’s new ride, tenatively named “The Mule.”
Other names considered included “Blue Jay” and “Blue Job” (to keep with the B names used for our previous 3 vehicle purchases) I kind of liked Blue Jay but the last choice was bound to be prone to slips of the tongue and made MusicMan chortle at his father.

The Mule is blue and gray (photo taken Sunday at a Civil War Battlefield = apropos) AND it makes SuperDad happy when he drives it.

MusicMan is happy that The Mule has arrived because that frees up “Baghette” (little Bagherra, ala Jungle Book fame) for his own use… once he gets off pain killers and purchases some gasoline.

BLUE is my favorite color, so of course it makes me HAPPY— which is why I painted my shutters “cornflower blue“:

Front Yard 007

The above photo was taken before the next item entered our lives.
Some of you have already seen the über-awesomeness known as my front porch swing, but this might be new to others of you (SuperDad designed, built, and painted it blue for me):

shiny chain

Tuesday is the day for the Weekly Words Challenge. Tink makes me feel important by giving me assigments. (I love to tell people I have a photo assignment. It’s spices up the SAHM gig.) In case you couldn’t tell, the words this week were HAPPY and BLUE.


22 responses to “WWC #92: Happy Blue

  1. Couldn’t agree more on the frozen peas.
    I’ve always felt they were unfit for consumption – even more so after my big, male dog left every single pea that happened to be mixed in with leftovers. He normally inhaled his food – but peas were weeded out, one by one!

  2. How lovely to have this insight into your life – but poor wisdomtoothless boy!

  3. I agree, your house and the swing are perfect colors.

  4. Love Super Dad’s new ride. I don’t really know how long one should take to recover from the wisdom teeth thing…they yanked RR’s out at boot camp and sent him back to it the next morning…nothing but motrin…but he said he felt awful and his cheeks were huge.

  5. I have to agree with you on the peas 🙂 I’m glad MM didn’t have any problems after his extraction. He looks so blue in the picture though.

    Nice ride! And I am again totally groovin’ on your porch swing!

    Well done.

  6. Yeah, I have a bag of frozen peas in the freezer right now, and I had forgotten about them! The only time I use them is for soups and things where they blend in with other flavors. Otherwise, they just taste like frozen peas.

    I will see you Friday!

  7. That is totally what i do with frozen peas too! although i get weird looks when i mention it at little league games! eh whatever!! love the blue swing!

  8. I love front porch swings like that. If I had one I would sit out on it and swing every evening while drinking a beer and just relaxin’.

    My sister had a Honda Element. They are very cool vehicles.

    Great job with the WWC!

  9. Poor kid. Nice car but I prefer green.

  10. I LOVE your porch swing!! It would fit right in at my house… don’t suppose superdad would come build me one. No? Dang.

    Great photos, kcinnova – nice new ride you’ve got. Glad to hear MusicMan is recovering well from his extractions!

  11. I still love that swing! How about calling it the Blue Burner (element – stove – burner)? You are right about peas, glad MM is feeling okay.

  12. So I guess you have eliminated the possibility of needing to drive a vehicle cross-country after your trip out west. One less confusion factor in the mix.

  13. Blue makes me happy, too.

  14. ha, i sure didn’t have that experience when i got my wisdom teeth pulled! i swelled up to ALARMING levels and spent 2 days sleeping because it hurt to be awake. so happy musicman’s went better!!

  15. He was eating solid foods 48 hours later! I would call that LUCKY. 🙂

    Blue is my favorite color too. I love that bench. The color makes me happy.

  16. Oh how I love your porch swing. How clever to have that Adirondack chair back to make it a comfy spot to lean back.

  17. Frozen veggies make great ice packs! As a teen, after a hot summer soccer game, I’d get home and eat frozen corn from the bag. I know, I’m weird with veggies that way.

    He looks so uncomfortable and upset and like a reaction to an “I Told You So” comment in that pic!

    Love the house; and yes. I remember that swing. Though, didn’t you first post it before it was painted blue? I can’t remember. I just remember how cool it was/is!!!

  18. Oh, the new ride for Super Dad! How about “The Blue Mule..” Or the Blue-Grey (double names are nice) or, the B-rey 🙂 I’ll keep thinking. I like the Mule but it’s a little fancier of a ride than a mule and you want to keep the blue/B thingie!

  19. Your poor son. I remember wisdom teeth. I had mine out the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. No turkey for me that year.


  20. Well done. I really like the blue at your house.

    Frozen peas are DELICIOUS (especially when they are not cooked too much and with a little butter…mmm…)

  21. That blue swing is rockin!!! Yeah. :))

    Great shots… I know someone who drives and element–they like it pretty well. Hondas Rock!

  22. Frozen peas are perfect for a bad knee – they mold right around a joint!

    You commented on my blog today: “In my mind, I am walking down your street in Wallingford. Actually, I probably came close in reality!”

    I am sure you are right! Did you dance at the Blue Moon? Or at the Rainbow to Junior Cadillac?