IRL update

having lunch with my beloved MIL & FIL

out to lunch with my beloved MIL & FIL

Mucho family togetherness has hindered my blogging time in the past few weeks. .. and probably for the entire summer. Still, we are having a good time together, so I figured it is time for a family update because a few people who read my blog actually know us IRL (that’s “In Real Life” for you non-bloggers).

boys with their visiting grandparents

boys with their visiting grandparents*

*Grandpa isn’t shorter than Grandma — our driveway slopes, and this picture was taken before they left on Tuesday morning.

Good Morning, Mr. Box Turtle

Good Morning, Mr. Box Turtle

SnakeMaster is turning 10 years old this month! Can you believe that my sweet baby boy is going to have 2 digits to his name? *sigh* He’s also heading out for a week at the beach with his best buddy down the street. SM‘s 2nd family here is taking him along on their family vacation! Yes, I considered begging to be taken along, too…

DSCN1570Humorous-Juniorous was formally introduced to Buttercup on July 4th. He & SuperDad decided this meeting was one year too early after H-J drove it far into the shrubbery and then later took off a guide wheel on the neighbor’s tree.



Encyclopedia Blue

Encyclopedia Blue

Encyclopedia Blue has not been having a lazy sleep-in kind of summer. His father gave him a schedule for training up his body before cross-country season begins August 3rd. And yes, we occasionally make him shave by threatening to do it ourselves.

2009 July 001 edited

MusicMan recently had his wisdom teeth extracted, but it hardly seemed to phase him. This is the first night when he was icing his cheeks one side at a time while playing “Oh Heck” with the rest of us. Two days later, he was eating hamburgers. He is mistaken in his belief that his father’s old car is now HIS. Still, there is great freedom (for him and for me) now that he doesn’t need to borrow my ride. I don’t like being wheel-less, and he doesn’t like driving a minivan. I’m still coming to grips with the fact that my firstborn son is now, technically, an adult.

2009 June 018

SuperDad isn’t able to travel west with us this summer, due to work requirements. We’ll miss him (that’s a major understatement on my part). I’ve already written about SuperDad’s new ride. It’s a stick-shift, so only he & I can drive it at this point.


As for me, I’ve been working on getting back to looking like I did in this picture (early 2006). So far I’ve lost about 14 pounds (half of that has been since I joined Weight Watchers). I’m still considering coloring the gray out of my hair before my 25th class reunion that’s coming up in a few weeks. (This picture was taken before most of the gray appeared.) But the really exciting news is that I’m off this evening for a blogging meet-up with a half-dozen other women in the general vicinity! I’m very excited to meet these ladies! 😀

14 responses to “IRL update

  1. OMG, your husband sure looks a lot like his father doesn’t he?

  2. A 14 lb loss is AWESOME! Congratulations!

    Love the photos of your family – it looks like you all have a lot of fun!
    How did the meet-up with the blogger ladies go?

  3. Looks like a great summer. Can’t wait to hear about the meet up.

  4. Everything looks great! so happy for you, enjoy your evening!

  5. I can see a strong family resemblance between your inlaws and your kidlets. Congrats on 14 pounds.. that’s quite the accomplishment. Good for you. 🙂

  6. hee, i’m afraid i’d be tempted to shave off that wee mustache as well… 😉

    can’t wait to meet you tonight!!!

  7. Congrats on the WW loss! I haven’t weighed in in 3 weeks, unfortunately. Bad, I know…

    But I’ll keep you from ordering the Brownie sundae tonight, if you’ll do the same for me.

  8. That was a great catch up post. Congratulations of the 14 pounds, that is wonderful. Have fun tonight and report back 😉

  9. Great photos and introduction to your family. Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. I like this “IRL” post! I really enjoyed meeting you last night and now I feel like I’ve met your whole family. 🙂

  11. 1) Our children will never be adults.

    2) Our middle daughter, who doesn’t yet have her learner’s permit–let alone her license–has already assumed she can take mom’s car out whenever she wants.

    3) Happy summer!

  12. Very nice so far, enjoy the rest of the summer!!

  13. Good luck with Weight Watchers. I used basically the same technique when I lost 40 lbs about 2 years ago. I think it works best.