WWC #93: SOUTH of the letter “O”

The Beautiful South

The Beautiful SOUTH — Restaurant, Lounge, and Coffee Bar (depending on what time of day you go)

I was driving up the road toward my little town and 2 things struck me:  1) There is my WWC picture for this week!  And, 2) I live in the South.  Technically.  I’m in an area that had very mixed loyalties during the Civil War, thanks in part to the Quakers who had settled in this locale.  I’ve never seen a Confederate flag flown here except for the tiny cemetery at a nearby battlefield.
Last year, I read Confederates In The Attic, by Tony Horwitz.  This book was eye-opening for me.  At the end of each chapter, which often left me a little shell-shocked, the author turns introspective and brings the reader along with him.  I found it to be an attitude check, a heart check.  I’m not a Southerner and I’m not a Yankee.  I’m from the [beautiful, gorgeous, beloved] Pacific Northwest.  I had not realized, prior to reading Horwitz’s book, the awful extent of racism that still pervades our country.

I was absolutely shocked on our first Halloween here… one of my kids dressed as a ghost, and not one, but TWO people asked if he was KKK.  Granted, the first person was drunk, but I think alcohol just loosened his tongue to say what was on his mind. Needless to say, our ghost costume is no longer in use.

The Weekly Words Challenge is a photo meme hosted each Tuesday by Tink of Pickled Beef (and spork) fame. I’m a day late this week and short on photos/long on words.  Luckily, the WWC group is a forgiving bunch of folks.  A few people have made a cool button that links to a master list of regular paricipants, but I haven’t figured that one out yet. (HELP?)

17 responses to “WWC #93: SOUTH of the letter “O”

  1. They thought KKK before a Halloween ghost? Oh my!

  2. When we were in Georgia, just six year ago, one of the high schools finally had an all inclusive prom…instead of two separate ones.

  3. Southerners are a totally different breed of human. On the one hand, I’ve found them to be more polite (all the yes ma’ams). On the other, I’ve found them to be terribly closed minded. The historic town I live in just recently put up historical signs for the African American culture events that happened here. We had MLK give a rally in our drug store! It took years of petitioning and fundraisers for it to happen. But anything related to white history gets put up in a flash.

  4. First off, nice picture. 🙂 Second, I have an old army buddy that lives further south than you, in the hills of VA. I went to visit him one time and we went into town, where we saw, white people carrying guns on their hips like cowboys, the “black” part of town, and confederare flags everywhere. My buddy kept asking me if I knew where I was (meaning the “south”) but my response to him was “I know where, but am confused as to when. “

  5. I bet you can get some pretty good chicken fried steak at that place!

    I live in a town where the KKK is actually listed in the phone book. Seriously.

    • Jay, the one time I ate there, I ordered something Greek! Maybe next time I will try the chicken fried steak?

      I am now afraid to look in the phone book. It might be wrong of me, but I just don’t want to know…

  6. Yes, the South is truly a special place… I surprise myself that I’ve lived here for 21 years. I’m even more surprised that some things “Southern” still surprise me.

    Tink: Do not be fooled by the politeness. It’s just a front used to distract us from their darker side.

  7. Lovely photo. I am surprised as well about the amount of racism still abundant in the south – well, everywhere really – toward all kinds of races. I try very hard to not be one myself, but somedays, it is very hard.

  8. i can’t get over the ghost costume thing. OH MY GOD. that’s so depressing.

  9. I adore southern food…bet it’s good there!

  10. One of my dear Southern blogging friends and her husband voted Republican and she was astonished at the reaction that earned them …

    An interesting insight into your part of the world.

  11. No they didn’t they voted democrat – it was the fact they had not voted republican that so shocked the neighbours!

  12. I need a nice, quiet country coffee bar about now.

    You’re right, too–we in the west don’t understand that part of the country and its history.