One small step for man…

On this very day 40 years ago, a man stepped out of a rocket ship and walked on the moon.

Click on this NPR link to listen to the fascinating story that was broadcast  this morning, plus you can read an article and see a small bit of restored footage.

I was listening to the radio on a reverse commute because this very morning, on the 40th anniversary of the moonwalk, a young man to whom I had given birth stepped out of the car and into the airport … alone.

15 responses to “One small step for man…

  1. Hi there. Here via The Women’s Colony. Hope your son makes it to his destination safe and sound!

    Thank you for your comment and excessive exclamation marks on my post in the Sanctuary over at the WC. It warmed my heart. Minnesota Matron said that it wouldn’t be up until tomorrow, and I’m not sure what’s going on with my bio. I don’t actually worry obsessively that my contacts are going to disembark… 🙂 But thank you for stopping by and reading what I had to say.

    Most sincerely,
    Emily B.

  2. I remember the event itself. We were all so proud.

  3. Aww you gave me goosebumps, KC. That is indeed one small step for your young man and one giant leap for Mom-kind.

  4. whoa, is it camp?

  5. I remember the excitement of landing a man on the moon! It was very cool.

  6. I remember that day – vividly! As I remember the first time my son got an a plane by himself…

  7. If we let Emma she’d probably fly by herself to Denmark…that girl is fearless when it comes to doing things like that on her own.

  8. i kind of wish i were alive back for the first moon walk. growing up when it already was a given… well, it would have been so much more exciting to have it happen when it still should have been impossible 🙂

  9. It’s all good–as long as they keep coming back!

  10. I too remember that event, although I don’t think at the time I was old enough to realise how important it was.

  11. I was reading yesterday how Neil Armstrong lives a very reclusive life these days.

    Good luck to your young man!

  12. You can breathe a sigh of relief. He’s one step closer to being out of the house for good! That’s reason to celebrate.

    Now, if you’re feeling anticipatory empty nest pain, I’ll gladly send you three of mine.

  13. Try not to worry about the boy … and I remember very clearly the moon walk. Our teacher brought a TV into the classroom so we could watch as it happened. Cool memory. 🙂

  14. I remember watching it way back when. Hard to believe it was 40 years ago!

    Who is taking a trip? I understand a momma’s concern! Hard to let those boys go!

  15. One small step for man, has a new meaning today then doesn’t it? 🙂

    There has been lots of extra activities going on here at work to celebrate.